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Half-Life 2 Modifications

New Official Thread—Thanks, azzkiker

As Zips would say,
Ye Olde Thread

The following is a compiled (yet not complete) list of all the released Half-Life 2 mods ready for download and play!

Be sure to bookmark this page and visit periodically for updates. I should be updating this whenever I get the chance. update: i'm extremely busy right now, so updates will be slow. I'm eventually going to try to separate this into a few categories, but bear with me.

Click the download links for more info, screenshots and download mirrors.

Enjoy and feel free to mention any mods that may have been missed or overlooked.

Fortress Forever

Yes, it's finally here! The Source modification that brings to the Source engine the glory of the old Team Fortress has been released. All of you junkies that miss bunnyhopping and conc jumping (etc), rejoice, for your mod has arrived!


Half-Life 2 SMod

I can't belive we didn't have this before.
SMOD is a Half-Life 2 modification, with a new HUD style, more weapons, new ragdoll physics, ironsights, more content in the original 13 chapters, and massive gore. SMOD is a standalone modification for Half-Life 2. It does not work with other mods, such as Garry's Mod. Overall, it is awesome.

Homepage. It's in Japanese
Even if it's not the homepage, it's in English
Download page (sorry it's not in English)

Half-Life 2 JBMod V0.5

Description: JBMod is a modification of Half-Life 2 that activates the physgun and adds many new features.
Homepage: http://jbmod.hl2world.com/
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/..._2_JBMod;34163

Half-Life 2 Weapon Sound Pack

Description: This sound pack replaces the following:

-Firing Sounds: -357
-Pulse Rifle
-MP7 + Grenade Launcher sound
-Grenade + Explosions sounds
-SPAS12 Double-Shot
-Combine Turret
-Airboat Turret (the original one sounded too weak)

-NPC Firing Sounds for the USP, Glock (Alyx Gun), Pulse Rifle, MP7, and Flaregun

-NPCs: -Hunter Firing, Rotor, Weapon Windup and Cooldown sounds
-Gunship Firing, Rotor, Weapon Windup and Cooldown sounds
-Dropship Firing and Rotor sounds
-Combine APC Missile Firing sound
-Hopper Turn-on sound
-Strider Alert, Idle, Pain, and Firing sounds
-Zombie Alert, Pain, and Attack sounds
-Poison Zombie (the guys w/ the black headcrabs) Pain and Death sounds
-Turret Firing sound
-Combine Sniper Firing sound (usually i keep this in no matter what

I added a bit of reverb and echo to some of the sounds. The zombie(s) and strider sounds were from HL and the various Combine weapon firing sounds from Doom 3's Plasma Gun. The USP is taken from HL2 itself ("why is the USP louder when the Combine uses it?"), the MP7 is just a mix of various other sounds, and the Combine Sniper and Grenade Launcher is from Ghost Recon.

Homepage: N/A
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/...und_Pack;38435

Half-Life 2 Adnan's Rotational Gravity Gun Mod V1.0

Description: ARGG is a single player mod for Half-Life 2. It allows you to rotate the object you are holding with the gravity gun while pressing the "use" button and moving your mouse permitting easier manipulation of the environment and removing the headaches of trying to fit large objects through doorways. The gun implements two rotation modes which are pretty different from each other.

Homepage: http://skew.telefragged.com/mods/hl2/ARGG/
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/..._Gun_Mod;34954

Half-Life 2 Balistics Mini-Mod

Description: Balistics will create a more intense game play experience as cover and tactics.... to a degree become essential to survive. The way the weapon damage has been changed was in an attempt to create a more, realistic game experience.

Homepage: N/A
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/..._MiniMod;37359

Half-Life 2 Baustelle2k Mod V0.35

Description: This a little Fun-Mod which changes the USP, Magnum, SMG, Pulse Rifle, Shotgun and Rocket Launcher and adds a leafblower. The speed of the rockets, launched by the Rocket Launcher changes while standing, crouching and jumping. Theyre fastest in the air and slowest while crouching.

Homepage: N/A
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/...Mod_V035;37976

Half-Life 2 Bullet Time Mod V1

Description: Here's a tiny simple script for hl2, which makes the game go "bullet-time" when pressing "b" button and while in bullet-time the physics and ragdolls fly a lot further than in normal mode. Due to no physics on bullets except crossbow, grenades, rpg and bugbait, the other weapons' bullets wont slow down. Think of it as "The Matrix" ... or ... "Max Payne" in Half-Life 2!

Homepage: N/A
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/...e_Mod_V1;33392

Half-Life 2 Bullsquid Mod Beta 2

Description: This mod adds Bullsquids, Houndeyes, Assassins and more additions to Half-Life 2.

Homepage: N/A
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/...quid_Mod;37360

Half-Life 2 Capture The Flag V1.7

Description: This mod adds Capture The Flag mode to Half-Life 2 Deathmatch adding many new and exciting features.

Homepage: http://www.hl2ctf.com/
Download: On the site.

Half-Life 2 Crazy Ball Mod Beta V0.3

Description: Crazy ball is a crazy HL2 mod where the aim is to get the ball into the opponents net at any cost. When you spawn you will be equipped with a grav gun and either a crowbar or a stun stick depending on which team you are on. The two teams are rebels and combine. ( They both decided to put there differences behind them and have a nice fun game of crazy ball! )

Homepage: http://crazyball.hlgaming.com
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/...Beta_V03;39081

Half-Life 2 Damage & Sound Mini Mod

Description: Weapons and enemies do more damage, better pistol and smg sounds.

Homepage: N/A
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/...Mini_Mod;33170

Half-Life 2 Difficulty Mod V2.3

Description: Hard setting is actually hard now! Play HL2 as it was meant to be: Challenging! Rebels are no longer stronger than the superior combine! Easy and Normal are still easier than Hard. For all those who found HL2 to easy!

Homepage: N/A
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/..._Mod_V23;35646

Half-Life 2 DM Project 22 V17 Mod

Description: A brand new Half-Life 2 DM mod. Battle it out online with a selection of completely new weapons.

Weapons currently working ingame:

The Assualt Rifle:
A high powered rifle, which has high accuracy but trades it off for fire rate.

The briefcase:
Stolen off a dimension traveling agent, the briefcase bestows points on any who carry it.

The Cluster Grenade:
A high explosive device which acts like a normal grenade until it explodes and three more charges go flying out, exploding moments later.

The Gattling Cannon:
The Assualt Rifles opposite, the Gattling has a
high rate of fire but poor accuracy.

The Gravity Grenade:
An extremly powerful weapon if use correctly. When a player enters it's area of effect there body is hit by G forces up to 20 times that of earth. In laymans terms this freezes them inplace, unable to move or fire.

The Katana:
A Sharp Sword.

This high explosive weapon makes you explode, hopefully taking others with you.

Laser Mines:
Laser Mines use a combination of lasers and motion dectors to find nearby players and explode when one gets too close.

The Pigeon:
A classic weapon. These pigeons will attack any nearby player (including the user).

The Plasma Cannon:
A high powered plasma emitter, this can rip the enemys to shreds.

The Rail Gun:
The most powerful weapon in this mod, it fires explosive charges at extremly high speeds.

The Saber:
The cousin of the katana, this sword allows a "Lunge" forward, striking an enemy.

The Shock Rifle:
The Snipers favorite, this weapon can vaporise players instantly. But be wary, this weapon awards points on the distance from the enemy at the point of kill.

The Toothpick:
This is a small piece of wood, used to clean between teeth.

The Zero Point Field Emitter:
Useing similar technolgy as the grav gun, this allows the user to propel themselves through the air and to also hover in a single place.

Homepage: http://www.kaosnyrb.co.uk/
Download: http://mods.moddb.com/4832/l

Half-Life 2 Dunes Of Babel Mod (Alpha 1.0)

Description: Dunes of Babel is a Half-life 2 multi-player mod. It is set in a semi futuristic desert world. Where two sides battle for the only sources of water on the planet, pillars of light. Water only is only found here and in great abundance.

Homepage: http://www.plaidbuttonup.com/DOB
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/...abel_Mod;39852

Goldeneye: Source

GoldenEye: Source is a modification of Half-Life 2, with only one goal in mind; to bring the memories and experiences from the original GoldenEye64 back to life using Source Technology. We want you to look at this mod and remember the first best multiplayer first-person shooter ever made. We are doing our best to bring in the opinions of the community to create a game that everyone is going to enjoy. But, we are not here to recreate the game exactly how it was in GE64, a lot of things have changed since they first designed that game, mainly in technology and gamers experiences. We are here to take the game even further but at the same time provide a lot of those fun elements that hardcore GE64 fans will enjoy.


Antlion Troopers

The player takes the role of a Combine soldier who is being trained to become a commander. The first mission is to help out a base that is in danger of being overrun by antlions.



An action game inspired by the 1986 movie Critters.


Causality Effect

Starting with the "Red Letter Day" of the original game, the story is changed. The teleportation experiment creates a hole in time and space, and the player's task is to travel through time and correct events that happened in the past. Features multiple endings.


Coastline to Atmosphere

This mod continues the story where Half-Life 2 finished and offers a possible alternate scenario.


Combine Destiny

The Combine has lost contact to one of their bases. The player is part of a team of Combine soldiers that is sent out to investigate and regain the control over the base.



Gordon fights his way through a Combine prison only to find himself established into a secret rebel force called the CryShield. After that, he is given a mission against the Combine.


Das Roboss

Combine forces are constructing a enormous robot code named "Das Roboss". The player must infiltrate their bunker and stop them.



DayHard is a single player adventure set before the events of Half-Life 2. The player takes on the role of Gordon's brother, Morgan Freeman. DayHard's stated focus is on being funny rather than being revolutionary.



DoomEd is a single-player first person shooter learning game that combines science and history with FPS action, taking players through the horror of bio-terrorism and WWII chemical experimentation gone wrong.



A fantasy themed action-adventure total conversion mod in 3rd person view. Received 2005 Editor's Choice (released mod) from ModDB.



eXterminate is a FPS type mod in pure kill-everything-that-moves style. It's very similar to the classic game Phobia II, with the exact same point: to kill as many things as possible before being overwhelmed by the endless flood of enemies.


FakeFactory's Cinematic Mod

A modification that adds high-resolution textures to nearly all of the objects in the original Half-Life 2. The mod replaces the original music with orchestral scores and also modifies weapon strength to resemble realistic stopping power.''



GROGG, the player, is a giant gorilla with a brain in a jar instead of a head. He has been separated from his father, a mad scientist, and it is GROGG's quest to find him.



A young boy on Halloween night decides to take a detour into an old farmhouse after an evening of Trick-or-Treating.


Jurassic Life



An adventure/puzzle game.



Episodic single-player mod based in the Half-Life 2 universe, with a style of storytelling inspired by classic games such as Marathon and System Shock. The first episode, Metastasis 1, was released in September of 2005, and the second, Metastasis 2, was released on the 3rd March 2006. Ranked #11 mod of 2005 by ModDB.


Mistake Of Pythagoras

A mod in which the player takes the role of Gordon Freeman in a parallel dimension. All the models and gameplay are exactly the same as in HL2, but the maps and story have been altered. Ranked #12 mod of 2005 by ModDB.



After the explosion of the citadel at the end of Half-Life 2's story, the G-man puts Gordon Freeman into stasis, but after a while prepares Gordon for a new mission.



A point-and-click adventure game taking place in an imagined future where the earth has been largely overtaken by a jungle of poisonous fungus. Humanity has taken refuge in towering vertical cities protected by massive walls that spray fungicide into the jungle to keep it at bay.


Weekday Warrior

A comical mouse-driven old-style adventure game, set in an office environment.



A mod which depicts the events taken place before Ravenholm, a location in the Half-Life 2 story, is overrun by headcrabs.


Rock 24

A single player modification of the Half-Life 2 engine. After a disastrous rescue attempt to free Richard G Newell, a renowned rebel scientist, Dr. Gordon Freeman awakes to find himself locked in a holding cell on a mountainside prison facility dubbed 'Rock 24'. His new mission, locate and free the rebel scientist and escape the collapsing combine prison.

Homepage (maybe temporary)

Revolt: The Decimation

Revolt: The Decimation is a competitive clan controlled combat system. The battle-grounds and weapons are designed for perfect balance between the red and blue teams. This is the first ever game created specifically made for ladders and other competitive play. The primary game mode is a two-stage object that whatever team owns control of the middle determines offense. Player positions are vital and ideally, should change depending on offense and defense. The game is set up as a sport and the strategic team can out maneuver a team full of individuals who have superior shooting skills.


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A third-person fantasy adventure game set in a Victorian industrial town. This game is developed by students at the University of Salford.


Half-Life 2 Eraser Mod V1.00

Description: This mod provides several changes to gameplay as following:-

1) BulletTime....yes, but it is not the same like in BulletTime mod. When you turn on bullettime, the gravity goes on its half, the gravity gun grows stronger, timescale goes on its 1/3 and the damage dealed to NPC's by headshogts grows 2x.
2) Weapon sounds - weapon sounds changed for 357 Python, Pulse Rifle (AR2), Grenade ticking, Pistol, Shotgun and SMG.
3) Nearmiss sounds - added 5 new nearmiss sounds.
4) Weapon damage increased for almost every weapon.
5) Weapon magazine capacity increased for few weapons and maximum held magazine capacity increased as well.
6) Horsepower for buggy and airboat increased a lot (adding lot of fun to gameplay)
7) Canceled the Valve startup video -> faster loading.

Homepage: N/A
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/...Mod_V100;34265

Half-Life 2 Friendly Fire Mod (0.1)

Description: Disables Gun Lowering on Friendly NPC's
Allows you to do Damage to Friendly NPC's
Friendly NPC's will now get jarateed off at you if you shoot them
Higer hit tolerance while in combat
Citizens who see you attack another Citizen will also attack you
Known Issues:
Localization Text shows as tokens (ie. #HL2_CROWBAR, etc)
New Game Chapter Dialog does not work
Unzip to half-life 2 folder (the folder that contains hl2.exe)
Create a shortcut on the desktop by right-clicking the game on the game list and selecting "Create desktop shortcut". In the launch parameters of the shortcut add: -game HL2_Friendly_Fire -console
Use map command to switch levels until I am able to get the New Game Chapters running
Shoot teammates in frustration (or joy.... sicko)

Homepage: N/A
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/...Fire_Mod;33941

Half-Life 2 Garry's Mod V9

Description: So you've played Half-Life 2... and you loved it. Now you want to mess around with the physics. This is what my mod is for. I wanted to mess around with the physics too and that's why I made this mod. You could say that I made this mod just to mess around with the physics - but then released it to the public. PHYSICS.

So, what do you want to do? Do you want to..

.. position ragdolls so they look like they've had a baby?
.. string a combine soldier up and fire dead babies at him?
.. tie stuff to scanners and manhacks then watch them fly off?
.. fire a load of melons at a wall?
.. conserve fuel?
.. make little motorized cars?
.. make little jet cars?
.. play with depth of field blur?
.. homebrew a car crash?
.. spawn items from a menu?
.. attach balloons to stuff?
.. make controllable rocket cars?
.. recreate the car crashes you saw as a kid?
.. add weird effects?
.. pose and position faces?

Homepage: http://www.garry.tv
Download list: http://gmod.garry.tv/download.php

Half-Life 2 Strider Mod 0.3.1 Helicopter Strikes Back

Description: This mod allows you pilot/drive helicopters, striders, APC's and other vehicles in Half-Life 2.

Homepage: http://strider.hl2spain.com/
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/...kes_Back;39293

Half-Life 2 R8 HDR Bloom Mini-Mod

Description: This mini-modification of Half-life 2 allows you to play Half-Life 2 singleplayer with an HDR Bloom effect. Simply, it makes the game more pretty.

Homepage: http://www.neotokyohq.com/
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/..._MiniMod;38224

Half-Life 2 Real Weapons Mod V4.0

Description: - Weapon HUD names are changed to their REAL names
- Damaged increased for some weapons (Since I found the normal ones too weak)
- MP7 now holds 40 rounds instead of 45 and 320 max ammo
- Pulse-Rifle holds 50 rounds and 200 max ammo
- Shotgun now holds 8 shells like in the orignal HL and 48 max ammo
- USP Match now holds 15 rounds instead of 18 like the real USP
- RPG now holds 5 rockets like in the original HL
- Pulse-Rifle energy balls now holds 5 rounds
- MP7 holds 10 Grenades like in the original HL
- Player can now hold 10 HE Grenades instead of 5
- Added new shotgun alt.fire sound
- Added new Pulse-Rifle firing sound
- Added new Pistol firing sound
- Added new explosion sound

Homepage: N/A
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/..._Mod_V40;36451

Half-Life 2 SourceForts V1.9.2

Description: SourceForts is a Half Life 2: Deathmatch modification built around the HL2M code, changing the gameplay and including new materials.

The game consists of two distinct phases: "Build Phase" and "Combat Phase". During the build phase players create structures out of building materials located in the map to defend both the flag and team. After the initial build time is the combat phase, during which the players are given weapons according to their chosen class and attempt to capture the enemy's flag. The combat and build phases then alternate until the end of the round.

Homepage: http://www.sourcefortsmod.com/
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/...ent_File;67160

Half-Life 2 Super Phys Mod V0.1

Description: This mod gives you the strength of the super physcannon onto the normal physcannon when it's enabled. Also it gives you the option of using those special glowing balls, which are seen near the end of the game, with you're physcannon. If you are wondering what a physcannon is, it is the orange gravity gun. If you are wondering what a super physcannon is, it is the blue gravity gun.

Homepage: N/A
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/..._Mod_V01;35647

Half-Life 2 Tim Coop Mod Beta 1.01

Description: Tim Vanderlinden brings us a new coop mod, now you can kill HL2 enemies online with your friends as opposed to alone and by yourself.

Homepage: N/A
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/...Coop_Mod;40706

Half-Life 2 UltraHard mod

Description: This is a small discovery on how to make your game harder (also easier if you want).
My recommended settings will make the game UltraHard for those that found HL2 too easy and will help other make their game easier if they want so.

Homepage: N/A
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/...Hard_mod;34417

Half-Life 2 Water Reflections Mod

Description: This modmakes all the water in HL2 reflecctive in d3d8/8.1 just like it is in d3d9, yes it's based off of the other mod that was usppoused to do this but didn't. The other mod had a material that was refernced from the testmap and made the testmap's water look reflective but other then the testmap it wasn't applied to Hl2's main game What this does is use modified materials from hl2 to apply the reflected water to d3d8 and d3d8.1. This comes at a cost however, of anywhere from 3-15 fps depending on what is going on in the envioronment. It looks great though! Have fun!

Homepage: N/A
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/...ions_Mod;37031

Half-Life 2 MM Weapon Mod

Description: The weapons mod for DM and the Armory Mod for SP by Metal Militia, all in one big package!

Homepage: N/A
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/...apon_Mod;41026

Half-Life 2 - Master Blasters

Using the fast-action rocket launcher enjoyment Id Software's Quake coupled with the game play style of Nintendo's Super Smash Bros., this mod certainly puts a twist to original Half-life 2 Deathmatch. The object of the game is to knock all your opponents in the round off the platforms without being knocked off yourself! Players start each round out with a limited number of lives and are able to pick up variety of weapons and pick ups throughout the game. Whatever team or player survives the longest receives a point, the round is restarted, and the mayhem starts again.


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Half-Life 2 Pong Source V0.9 Mod

Description: Pong as you all know was a simple video game based on ping pong.

Then many years later when video games had got a lot better graphically, a team of modders took the idea of Pong and put it in to the Quake universe. Instead of two paddles, there was two teams with the ingenious addition of weapons. The idea was still the same, get the ball into the "goal" but now you could hit the Ball with weapons. The bigger the gun, the ferther and faster the ball traveled. It was fun.

But things change and in less years than it took to get from the original Pong to Quake graphics, games have changed graphically again, to what they are now.

So here at PongSource we have decided to make our own version of Pong for the Half-life 2 universe. It has Guns, It has Goals, but most of all we think ITS FUN!!!

PongSource has a new play mode as a server-side option. Weapon Damage can now be turned off, so that players can concentrate on the ball and scoring, rather than getting shot on the way.

We call this No Weapon Damage mode because we can't think of anything better, and if the server hosts play nicely servers should have (NWD) in their hostname to prevent confusion between the two server types.

Homepage: http://www.clan-server.co.uk/pongsource
Download: On the site.

Half-Life 2 SP Enhanced Mod Beta 2

Description: - Firemodes showed in VGUI-menu (Reload-button changes the Firemode!)
- New Firemodes for RPG: HL1-Style (laserpointer on/off), Homing Missile and Targetpaint
- New Firemodes for Grenade: Proximity (Detonates when enemy near), Sticky grenade
- New Firemodes for Crossbow: Exploding bolts, Fire bolts (Sets enemies on fire >)
- Impulse 12 = Upgrade/Get Super PhysCannon
- Impulse 13 = Downgrade to normal PhysCannon
- MP7 is more accurate
- RPG is HL1 style (shoot with or without laserpointer)
- Combine(s) drop the weapons when shot by MegaPhysCannon (they don't disappear)
- Shotgun can hold 8 shells (HL1 style)

Homepage: N/A
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/...nced_Mod;36698

Half-Life 2 God Damned Undead Mod Alpha V0.02

Description: Have you ever looked at a zombie, and wished that you could beat it down with friends? How many times did you die in Ravenholm? Well, here's your chance to get back at those zombie freaks... with friends. Keep those freaks down with your normal assortment of Half Life 2 weapons on a map once designed to kill your own friends in. Coming Soon: More maps, more weapons, proper scoring, and what have you!

Homepage: http://www.exploding-dog.com/forum/i...p?showforum=22
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/;45559

Half-Life 2 Substance V1.0X Mod

Description: Half-Life²:SUBSTANCE recoreographs the hl2 single player experience,John Woo style: new action oriented gamestyle,deadly challenges and extra gorish killings make it the best choice for HL² veterans who hunger for more replay value. Welcome to the real HL²:Substance,what the action is made of!

Homepage: http://ludus1942.ngi.it/
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/...V10X_Mod;41340

Half-Life 2 Plan Of Attack Mod V2.0

Description: Plan of Attack is a multiplayer mod for Half-Life 2. This mod is all about strategy and teamplay, using your brain rather then rapidly pressing your mouse buttons. This mod has different game objectives, skill classes and a dynamic experience system, and an Assault and Defend gameplay seen in Unreal Tournament's Assault mode.

Homepage: http://www.planofattackgame.com/
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/;42181

Half-Life 2 Das Roboss SP Expansion

Description: Combine forces are constructing a ginormous robot code named "Das Roboss". You must infiltrate their uber bunker and stop this madness. The fate of the world is in the balance. Not technically a mod, but more of an map expansion, Still fun!

Homepage: http://www.tylak.com/dasroboss.html
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/...p_Series;37531

Half-Life 2 The Hidden Mod

Description: The Hidden is a full-conversion Half-Life 2 mod. In it, one player is the Hidden, and the rest are regular humans. The humans' goal is to kill the Hidden, and vice versa. The Hidden is completely invisible and is only armed with a pipe bomb and knife. The humans are armed with regualr weaponry.

Homepage: http://www.hidden-source.com
Download: http://www.hidden-source.com/downloads.htm

Half-Life 2 The Bitter End Beta 1 Mod

Description: Fight hordes of zombies until death, the more points you get the better weapon you buy!

Homepage: http://zdmod.hl2files.com
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/...ta_1_Mod;41494

Half-Life 2 CMod V1.01

Description: The aim of this mod is to make minor but important improvements to the normal HL2 single player game, completely retaining the character of the original game, but fixing certain issues present in the original game.

Efficient pickup mode:

When toggled on, items (health, armour and ammo) are only picked up if their entire contents can be used. No more picking up a 25h box with 99h. Impulse 204 toggles mode. Note that you will need to toggle efficient pickup off to collect ammo from an ammo crate. Also note returns to the default value, on, when new map segment is loaded.

Ladders unaffected by Use:

A recent change to the normal HL2 release has been that the "use" key mounts and dismounts players from ladders. This prevents the player from picking up objects while on a ladder. Given that jump also dismounts the player, CMod removes the use of "use" with regard to ladders, so players can once again pick up objects while on a ladder.

Homepage: http://www.summerblue.net/games/cmod/
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/...Mod_V101;41468

Half-Life 2 Art of Ascension RPG Mod V1.1

Description: Art of Ascension is a free RPG modification for Half-Life 2. Art of Ascension combines the spirit of online role playing games with the faster battling pace of classical first-person shooters. Players increase their character's level and enhance their abilities by battling to gain exerience. With higher levels comes training points to upgrade their weapons and attributes.

Homepage: http://www.planethalflife.com/aoa/
Download: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/;48106

FakeFactory's Cinematic Mod

Here's v3 of FakeFactory's Cinematic Mod with some nice enhancements! The new Alyx models are using a significant higher poly-amount (up to 39000 polys, Valve's original uses 7500). Therefore, you should own a fast graphics card. Don't use this modification with outdated DirectX8 hardware – in this case you WILL see serious stutter.

You need at least 1600 x 1200 In game resolution and the highest quality settings, or the engine will use the first or second mipmap-level for the hires textures, resulting in a much much much lower quality - in this case the hires textures are looking worse than the originaln lores-textures.

Enhancements since Version 2.32:
- Uses Base Source Engine 2
- Some textures redone
- Alyx Highres Models with EP1 Face-Mech
(Alyx Construction Kit Pre-Alpha-Release included)
- Some bugfixed maps for using with SourceEngine 2
- PHONG/RIM Shaders
- Partially redone soundtrack and soundtrack-scripts
- Some minor tweaks

Download Full Version
Update to V3.02


Drawing on the themes and concepts of the Cyberpunk genre and implementing ideas born out of years of gaming experience with a diligently designed gameplay system, we hope to produce the next step in online multiplayer gaming.

Dystopia places the player into tense combat situations in a high tech world spanned by computer networks. As either Punks or Corp Mercenaries the player will fight through the physical world to gain access, via jack-in terminals, to cyberspace. Cyberspace is a three dimensional representation of the world's network. Inside cyberspace players will launch programs to hack into systems linked to the physical world, fight off enemy hackers or defend critical systems. Gameplay progresses through inter-linked physical and cyberspace objectives, some are completed in either the physical world or cyberspace, others only by a well timed combination of the two.


The Battlegrounds

A total conversion mod for Half-Life 1 and 2, The Battlegrounds is set in the Revolutionary War era. Basically, enough said.

Downloads on that page.


The atmosphere in the original HL2 game was both interesting, and terrefying, and that is the driving force behind our choice on creating a modifacation on that enviroment alone. All maps from this modifacation will have a very similar kind of feel of atmosphere and gameplay from the original Ravenholm, but with an different and expanded story, and many new locations. So, you will find yourself battleing many more Zombies, Headcrabs, and more.


Eternal Silence

Eternal Silence is a science fiction mod which pits two capital ships against each other in a seamless blend of space warfare and tactical infantry combat. These two teams race to destroy each other in the depths of space. Pilots coordinate strikes with invading infantry in order to take down the behemoth capital ships from both the inside on-foot and the outside with spaceships.


Note: It possilbly requires the SDK Base to play

Exite Portal Mod

Exite is a mod for Half-Life 2 that utilizes portal technology, like the upcoming game Portal (if you don't know what Portal is, you might want to check into that).


Iron Grip: The Oppression v1.01

Iron Grip : The Oppression has a completely new kind of gameplay, combining First Person Shooter with Real Time Strategy elements in a way never done before.
1 team consists of 1 human player, playing a full RTS style game, building and commanding AI troops while the opposing team consisting of human FPS players only!

The new techniques provide the gamer with rising tension in a full scale city war. The beautiful fantasy architecture and other elements which colour this mod brings the player right into the Iron Grip conflict. The small cooperative aspects of the FPS team intensify the need for teamwork to an ultimate level.
Iron Grip : The Oppression is not just meant to provide new gameplay. It also gives players a small taste of what the developing Iron Grip universe is like.
With new types of weaponry and combat, this should give an unforgettable experience.


Coastline to Atmosphere

This mod continues the story where Half-Life 2 finished and offers one possible scenario. After the big explosion you fall to the ground and are very badly injured. Some people find you and take you home to a small village outside the city where the citadel was built. After 3 months you’re strong again and want to fight on.

You have never seen Alyx or any of the others since the explosion. But you try to find new people that will fight with you against Breen. Nobody wants to help, some are afraid, others think that Breen has learned his lesson and won’t start again. It also seems that most of his organisation was lost in the explosion. Then you hear that along the coast Breen is starting again and trying to take control again. So you decide to go to the coast. There you take a little boat and go along the coast so the Combine won’t notice you coming.

Downloads on the site.

Half-Life 2 Deathmatch Pro

A mod for HL2: DM that adds features useful for play in competitive leagues. It has 11 game modes, as well as new weapons and other gameplay changes.

Downloads on the page.

Weapons Factory

Capture the Flag with different classes and modes of gameplay. Originally started out inspired by Team Fortress, but has evolved since.

Downloads on the page.

Half-Life 2: Return to Xen 1.7.4

In the end of Opposing Force Adrian Shephard managed to defeat the leader of the evil
Race-X´. And then he was teleported in a chopper with the Gman. The Gman
placed him in a timeless dimension until his next task was about to come...It is now time for Adrian to awake.

In this mod you return playing as Adrian Shephard in the 7-Hour War.
You will fight new aliens and old aliens, and you will return to the alien borderworld Xen


Obsidian Conflict Beta 1.2

Obsidian Conflict is a cooperative modification created for Half-Life 2. It is a community based mod with focus on fun, cooperative, and physics-related puzzles. The mod has an open story, but is still set in the Half-Life 2 universe. It includes many custom options.


More lists of mods can be found at

UPDATE: Okay, I've gone through all the download links and updated any ones that need to be updated, and I will update any bad homepages soon. I'll be adding more mods soon, too.

There's no way one person can remember and write down all of these. Reply and/or PM me and give me any mods you know of that are not on the list (I know there are a good number)!

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How to Install 3rd Party Modifications

BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE-If a mod install doesn't work and you don't have HL2, it is probably that. Some moods run with only HL2: DM, check the mod makers' website to see if you need HL2 to play.

First, download the file. All of the download links on this should be working. What I do to install mods is download it to the desktop, then delete it after it has been installed.

Next, look at the file's type.

If it is a .exe

It has probably just made your life a bit easier. Files that end with .exe are an installer (in this case) that you just have to double-click on. The only possible thing that could trip you up would be the directory it installs into. Make sure it is \steamapps\sourcemods, and not anything else. It will probably default to C:\Program Files\Valve..., so if you have your Steam installed in Program Files\Steam, make sure to select that. After it has installed, skip to the end of this post.

If it ends with .zip, .rar, or anything else

Your job has become a bit harder. If you haven't already, download WinRAR, which can extract and compress many types of files. Right-click the file on the desktop (or wherever you installed it) and click "Extract files". Choose the directory "C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\SourceMods". Some people don't have the "Valve" folder, so just go to Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\SourceMods.

After you have extracted or installed the files, look in the \sourcemods directory. If there is a folder with the name of the mod or something like it, it has probably worked. There might be a text document or two outside the folder as well. Restart Steam, and you should be good to go.

Happy Fragging!

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Some more mod lists:

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someone needs to post a tut on how ot install mods

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Originally Posted by thegooseisloose View Post
Half-Life 2 SMod

I can't belive we didn't have this before.
SMOD is a Half-Life 2 modification, with a new HUD style, more weapons, new ragdoll physics, ironsights, more content in the original 13 chapters, and massive gore. SMOD is a standalone modification for Half-Life 2. It does not work with other mods, such as Garry's Mod. Overall, it is awesome.

Download page (sorry it's not in English)
The official homepage is http://accept.hopto.org/smod/ .
http://kh0rn3.googlepages.com/ is probably a fan page / website.
Still it's good to have this link, for those who don't speak Japanese.
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Originally Posted by pizzahut View Post
The official homepage is http://accept.hopto.org/smod/ .
http://kh0rn3.googlepages.com/ is probably a fan page / website.
Still it's good to have this link, for those who don't speak Japanese.
Fixed it. I just figured there is a very small population here that speak Japanese.
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Hey, do any of these mods work on Hl E1?

the weapons mods or something?


ps: is there another download for the RE twlighlight mod? I dont have a membership for that site.
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Originally Posted by dark666angel View Post
Hey, do any of these mods work on Hl E1?

the weapons mods or something?


ps: is there another download for the RE twlighlight mod? I dont have a membership for that site.
You could always try to run them on Episode 1, after all, they are free. If they don't work, why not consider buying HL2. After all, it is one of the greatest games of all time.

Posted a moddb link for Twilight.
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I own Hl2, I just wanted to know if its possible using Smod or substance for Hl E1.

cheers for the twiglight.

ps:m here is anothe rresident Evil mod; they have been working on it for a year now, and its looking good.


I am playing Coastline to atmosphere now, and its a great mod. its longer than E2, and its a lot of fun.

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I really don't know if the mods will work with Episode 1. What I would do is install Episode 1, the SDK Base (some mods require it; it can't hurt) and try to play the mods. What's the worst that can happen?

I'll put the other Resident Evil mod up when it is playable; this list is only for playable mods.
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twlighlight isnt playable either. the link is just a room where you can take a look at their custom textures. they are a few months away from an alpha. I downloaded a few trailers and other stuff from their website.

To my regret they base their game on RE : the movie.........

thats why I have more fate in UBCS

anyway, I will pm you when the mod is up.
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A patch for Iron Grip: The Oppression is now available! We’ve been working hard on reading the feedback we’ve received and would like to thank everybody who took the time to provide us this information.

There’s much more on the way! We’re working hard on rounding up a stable feature set, which will be followed by many new expansions including all kinds of new infantry, vehicles, weaponry, superweapons and game-types.

The patch and updated full installer are available for download on moddb.
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Thanks Rare_Orchid. Updated.

Also updated to darkangel's information.
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