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Post Hammer / Mapping Resources

This thread is dedicated to all of the helpful and insightful websites out there dedicated to the Hammer Map Editor.

Below are links to sites that have compiled a list of tutorials; tutorials that cover most of the aspects of the map editor. Things such as lighting, placing textures, creating brushes (basic to complex), setting up triggers, sound, physics props, NPC elements - The works!

If you have any useful sites to add, please PM me, as well as post them here, and they will be added to this post ASAP.

Happy mapping!
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I have some source tutorials that I made.
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another useful website is http://www.iwannamap.com
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No wonder my thread was locked on VERC. The entire forum moved here!

This should be better, considering there's a butt-load more traffic on this site, but I just hope some of the very knowledgeable posters decide to come here as well... like VeryAngryBeaver.


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Wait, we got our own section now?

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its not ready yet, but my site will eventually be hosting the AKG / Sourcemapping / SDKNuts tutorials, as well as others.

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and to find errors in your map.....

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Nice work chaps, Thanks.
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http://www.fpsbanana.com/tuts - All Source games, not just mapping but techniques and stuff.
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is anyone having a problem with SDK not working?
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Frodo Greenman
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is here

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I am submitting my site here you kindly offer links for editing help.

My forum offers a selection of hand written tutorials and resource, and any mappers are invited to post questions in the support forum.


Thanks, Sadist

P.S. I cant seem to pm you sorry
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Can you create CS:S maps while offline?
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Originally Posted by 5UB View Post
Can you create CS:S maps while offline?
Yes, all that needs to be done is to go to the settings in steam, and untick the box that says 'dont save account credentials'.

Then you can log into steam whilst not connected to the net.
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