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WHOOPS my bad - I didn't catch that.
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You mean outside the WATI place? I remember getting a new ticket from that guys girlfriend and gum for getting the kid to distract the gaurd.
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My fave adventure games ever, are Monkey Island 2, Simon The Sorcerer, Flight of The Amazon Queen...so many classics
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Flight of the Amazon Queen and Full throttle kill TLJ
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Originally Posted by southpaw117 View Post
*WARNING* Full of Spoilers!

The only way my friend and I knew to use gum to connect the ticket pieces was because he was dicking around

We went ballistics at the part where she kissed the guy.
I know you're talking about Dreamfall, but I don't remember her kissing anyone in that WATI-corp part (in Japan or something). Did I miss something? Can you explain further lol.
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I've been playing adventure games since about 1984 and in my opinion The Longest Journey is the best one ever made.
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No. No it is not.

**A Bit Spoiler-y Towards the End**

I've just finished TLJ and have reached an opinion which I've given serious thought to and feel compelled to share. Here it is: Why The Longest Journey has a metascore of 91 and droves of writers calling it "the best adventure game ever" is unfathomable and, frankly, stinks of subterfuge and deceit.

Lest I draw fire from the "that's just your opinion, man" crowd, let me be very explicit. TLJ fails to deliver on a number of the core rudiments of good adventure gaming and, as the fetid icing on this dry, tasteless cake, mangles the subtler bits as well. But let's start with the good parts:

-A lot of the background art is gorgeous. From the opening dream montage, to the final tower, the hand of some very talented artists is evident. Some of the FMV scenes evince this beauty, too.
-The character of April is likable. She's dynamic, she speaks convincingly, and she possesses a modicum of wit.
-While the puzzles aren't particularly clever neither are they too abstract and the way forward <<usually>> follows from a logical deduction of your position and your means.
-There are, um...a lot of save slots. Yeah, I'm stretching now.

So, what's wrong with this game?

-The dialog: Looking to slowly wither in front of your screen as banal, poorly paced, incoherently recorded lines are read by F-list vocal talent? Well look no further my friend. Examples? Oh, they abound. Hallowell and McAllen were, I gather, supposed to come across as sinister and calculating. This was achieved by directing the actors to mumble the lines at frequencies that would have tested a humpback's hearing and set the levels so as not to wake nana from her nap. The script is enormously fat with inconsequential, non-narrative, drivel. I speak here of the "um"s, the "uh..."s, the repetition and the tangential non-sequiturs that serve only to frustrate any sense of game flow and add nothing at all to the atmosphere or to our sense of the game's lore and internal cosmology. The pacing is halting and awkward as if the lines are being read for the first time; not at all natural sounding. As opposed to ,say, Monkey Island where the dialog creates vibrant characters that can be witty, boastful, laconic, seething, perspicacious, the characters of TLJ come in four flavors: evil, nice, solemnly magical, and April. Typos are frequent in the on-screen dialog which often does not agree with the narration. A lot of these issues may have occurred during translation so I wont even count this as a mark against the game itself (although, dialog being such an integral part of adventure gameplay, I wouldn't be remiss to do so).

-The drama: Why do we play adventure games? Because they allow us to explore and influence foreign worlds at our own pace and because they place us in the center of an evolving mythology. As such, one expects the gaming experience to feel emotionally gratifying; as if we are truly experiencing a new world. This, to say the least, was not the case with TLJ. Key moments of dramatic tension (the defeat of Roper Clacks, the death of Cortez and McAllen, the ending for pete's sake) are delivered whimsically and without gravitas. The "camera" in the FMV scenes (which pop up at crucial moments in the narrative) never seems to frame the important elements of the scene (liking staying on April's face instead of the action as if going in for an "emotional" shot. Unfortunately April's hi-res, FMV face is composed of about three polygons which is substantially lower than the minimum needed to convey human emotion. awkward!) The story itself was dreamed up (and this is being generous) by a sixth grader. Magic and Technology? really? Were Chocolate world and Vanilla world already taken? The confluence and interference of this duality, nature and irrationality versus man-made rationality, could have been fruitful and engaging. Instead it was lifeless and cookie-cutter. Arcadia, the magic world, is exactly what you'd expect -- people dressed medievally and evil wizards brewing potions -- while Stark, the technology world, is just another Blade Runner rip-off: bleak and grimy urbanity framed against towering skyscrapers and a powerful elite. yawn. The more interesting parts of the game's lore (the dragons) are not fleshed out in the actual game narrative enough and the less interesting parts entail useless hours of clicking through meandering dialog.

-I won't continue. I could. But I won't. Comparing this game to any of the Lucasarts classics brings to light thousands of other glaring deficiencies but they hardly seem worth getting into. Suffice it to say that The Longest Journey, ultimately, feels like a cheap and hasty imitation of what an adventure game should be. At first it excites you with pretty packaging and the promise of cross-dimensional adventure but then you start wading in it and find artlessly directed cut scenes, excruciatingly bad writing and narration, and a flat back story which, no matter how long you wait, never lives up to its own promises. I was not emotionally invested in any part of this game and so, the sense of drama and intrigue that must accompany a good adventure game was lost. Honestly, a poor imitation, a pale shadow, and an embarrassing mark on adventuredom.
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I agree with many of your points (lousy voice acting, endless exposition, ugly FMV) though I still enjoyed the game. If you're going to hold adventure games up to such ridiculously high standards, you're going to be stuck playing the same ~3 games for the rest of your life.

I do, however, think Dreamfall is an improvement in nearly every category mentioned. Great voice acting (much more natural, MORE CONCISE), better characters (even the returning ones), better locations (very little Blade-Runner riffing), and better writing in general. I've always liked sequels that are an honest-to-god direct continuation of a previous storyline.

Of course, you'll probably kill yourself when you see the almost nonexsistent puzzles, the lousy combat system (even if there's barely any combat), and the cliffhanger ending.


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The Longest journey was so praised back in the day, because the Adventure genre was in a low point at the time. After the comercial failure of Grim Fandango, the genre praticly died (yes i know its a cliché) so when TLJ arrived it was recieved like a genre saviour or messiah, obviously it wasn't, and opinions were a bit extremist.

Obviously its not the best Adventure game ever made (and i really dont see anyone credible saying that) it pales in comparison with some classics like Day of the Tentacle, Gabriel knight, Monkey island, Broken Sword and even Grim Fandango, however i think its a great game that managed to enter the restrict group of timeless classics.

I really, really liked the voice acting dont see how anyone can think its a low point in the game. English isn't my mother language, but after playing so many games that depend so much of dialogues and completely fail, hearing TLJ was a refreshing change, specialy Sarah Hamilton, her April was fantastic.

The writing is top notch, and was so much better than Dreamfall. There are so many back stories in TLJ that helps a lot to create and mould (sp?) the world in a convincing way.

One aspect i liked in TLJ, and the 80's and 90's classics is the way that the narrative surpasses the visuals. A bit like a book. All the emotions are transmited by the narrative to our imagination, and are not dependent on the limited graphics. It's a lot more complicated to transmit those emotions through graphics (the first one that IMO acomplished that was HL2). So TLJ managed to escape some emotional embarrasments (that were so visible in Dreamfall) by not showing them. We have to imagine them, like in a book.

However there are some drawbacks. Character animation is poor, some of the puzzles incredibly stupid and pointless, and some parts of the story should have been cut, some of them felt a bit too tiresome and irrelevant.

I really liked TLJ, its far from perfect but its for me one of the best modern (well its not that modern anymore) adventures, and has easily one of the best stories in gaming (Dreamfall was also great in this aspect).

It's the best Adventure game ever made? Hell no! It's a fantastic Adventure Game? Hell YES!
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I really, really liked the voice acting dont see how anyone can think its a low point in the game. English isn't my mother language, but after playing so many games that depend so much of dialogues and completely fail, hearing TLJ was a refreshing change, specialy Sarah Hamilton, her April was fantastic.
The voice acting is pretty decent but it's no Grim Fandango/Dreamfall. April's overacting kind of grates on me over time. There's just something about her enunciation that makes me crazy. But it's the minor characters that really bring everything down. For example: that dude on the ship talking about Jaal all the time + his navigator. Completely inhuman delivery.
The writing is top notch, and was so much better than Dreamfall. There are so many back stories in TLJ that helps a lot to create and mould (sp?) the world in a convincing way.
There's a difference between lore and writing. Since April is a stranger to Arcadia, she's treated as an amnesiac. Every single area in the game has someone explaining EVERYTHING about said area, about his/her/its culture, in excruciating detail. Nothing is left to imagination. So while the world obviously had tons of work put into its backstory, its delivery is about as subtle as an earthquake.

Dreamfall is guilty of this as well, but the better voice acting and dialog masks it a bit. The multiple playable character thing helps too. Oh, and and Zoe > April.

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Originally Posted by epmode View Post
Dreamfall is guilty of this as well, but the better voice acting and dialog masks it a bit. The multiple playable character thing helps too. Oh, and And Zoe > April.
Ah Blasphemy!
I really love April, such a wonderfull character. I also like Zoe, but i got annoyed at her cause in Dreamfall i wanted to see more April and that damn brit was always on the way Nah, shes ok.

But i still think the voice acting in TLJ is good, even most minor characters are believable (of course there are always exceptions like in every game). But it could be that because english is not my language, i can't spot certain nuances and particularities.
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I love this game. I love taking a break from killing things and focusing more on doing things normal people do instead. The exposition isn't too much for me so far, as I have only barely returned home from my first visit to Arcadia, but I don't see how it can turn out too bad since it has already sucked me in. The exposition seems very careful not to confuse the audience. Whenever someone starts talking about something that the player obviously wouldn't know about, April is there to ask the questions.
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Thumbs down Absolutely one of the best games ever made.

The person who started this topic is an insulting troll. I really don't see why it's alright for the thread creator to insult gamers and their beloved videogames. The Longest Journey is considered a major classic by many gamers, it's all opinion. In my opinion, it's amazing, definitely one of the best games ever made.
Also note that that person didn't play much of the game. I almost feel bad for him/her.
Final Fantasy is also great. Each installment brings something innovative or different to the table, character development is top-notch, and the stories in the Final Fantasy games are usually the best in the industry. Tossing the Final Fantasy series into the argument without any good display of knowledge on the series beforehand certainly is a good way to show off intelligence(/sarcasm). Because the series is DEFINITELY for dumb, noobish teenagers, right?
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i'll never forget my experience of playing through the longest journey, i started losing sleep around the same time april did, really got into her journal, her story, the backstory behind everything, the metaphysics, the changes... her personal story with her parents. and yes, i loved the puzzles. i kindof saw them as pretty typical adventure game puzzles, adventure games being my genre of choice since i first picked up a copy of police quest 16 years ago and then moved through the sierra games and onto the lucasarts games, trying out various freeware and shareware games (teen agent!) along the way.

the longest journey may not be favourite adventure game of all time (...still undecided. secret of monkey island 2 is definitely up there. and so's grim fandango. i dont care if any of you dont like it, it made a personal connection with me) but it definitely absolutely and completely immersed me within it's world and probably did so better than any other game i have ever played.

as soon as i finished (after a couple of days break) i bought Dreamfall off of steam. after i got over not playing april (pretty easy after noticing the voice acting was a lot better) i got sucked into that story as well. i'll probably get sucked into the chronicles if they ever come out too.

my point? dont bash the entire community who love it just because you didn't especially since you barely played it.
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Ok gotta chime in here as i really ENJOYED the game so far and i got up to that part with the STONE DISC puzzle on the beach/island and i quit the game here because even WITH a walkthrough somehow it does not WORK, i mean i tried everything that guides told me to and still the damn statue won't work, so i call it quits, up to this point though i thought the game was GREAT and i did figure out all other puzzles on my own but this one is just so screwed up since there are SO many ways of interpreting this puzzle that i had to consult a guide, and now im still stuck lol oh well anyone know if this is a bug or something?
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