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Hey just wanted to know if there is any way to see if your RAM is working as it should be? I tried to played stalker and it wouldn't run very well and I'm doing some mapping with Steam's SDK and when I look at all the models it crashes and tells me im out of memory. I have a E6600 chip which has 4MB cache and 1G of 667 corsair RAM. I don't think I should be having RAM trouble so I think something is wrong? Thanks.
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goto www.memtest86.com and download the free test. You will need a floppy drive
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1977, are you running X Fire on your system ?

The reason I ask is that I had the same problems whilst running Hammer, each time it crashed I had an error message from X Fire along the lines of - Fatal Exception to X Fire code. . . . . . . Or Unable to read Memory packet. . . .

I make sure X Fire is disabled unless I'm playing online these days.
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