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Tools and CPU.

Okay, I think everyone notices that programs like Hammer and Face Poser take a lot of CPU. I was thinking that they were the only developer tools that were CPU hogs. But I'm starting to mod for other games and I notice that almost everything that uses some sort of 3D rendering takes a butt load of CPU.

So should I get a better Processor to tone it down? I need to get some more RAM.
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My recormended specs for game dev is atleast:
2 gb ram,
6x00 nividia card with 256 mg or better (dont know what the ati version is)
and at least a 2.4ghz cpu (pref duel core).

This should let you do most things like run hammer and css at the same time.

My system is:
2.4 ghz 2 core intel
4gb ram (windows only picks up 3 )
750gb hdd
and a 7800.

Now i can run: Hammer, css, vis studio 2003, 5x firefox, email and 20x im windows with no lag. Its a dream.

P.s. having big monitors (or in my case 3) helps as well.
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