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Reporting Community Problems

If you're having problems with the Steam Community, it helps us investigate the issue if you can include details in your report. Simply posting that something didn't work doesn't give us much to go on.

Please consider telling us more about your problem:
  • What's the user name of the account you're using when you noticed the problem? A link to your SteamID page is fine.
  • What's the name of the clan involves in the problem, if any? Again, a link to its Steam page is fine.
  • What's the user name of the friend or friends involved in the problem, if any? Linking to their Steam page is fine.
  • If you're asking about blocking or unblocking, knowing if the person who was blocked was first a friend of the blocking person (or not) is helpful.
  • What's the name of the game, attribute, or other setting involved in the problem, if any?
  • Did you try the action once? More than once?
  • At what time of day (and in what time zone) did you try the action, on what date? With this information, we might be able to pull through the logs to see if something in particular went wrong.
  • The exact text of any error message you receive should be reported.

Are you reporting a problem with Community Search or Friends Search? This information is critical to investigating your problem:
  • Are you using friends search or community search? What specific text are you providing in your search?
  • What results did you get, and why do you specifically believe they're wrong?
  • Can you provide a link to the account (or accounts) that you think you should've found?
  • At what time of day -- and in what time zone -- did you execute the search?

The better information you can give when reporting an issue, the more we'll be able to help.

While we all get frustrated, try not to exaggerate in your report. Only say things like "always happens", "never works" if you really mean it. If it didn't happen just once, or worked a few times but mostly doesn't, that's valuable information and changes the nature of our investigation.

Remember to ask a clear question. We don't log into your accounts, so we can't always see what you're seeing. "It's been this way" doesn't let us know exactly what you're seeing and what you expected to see.

Thanks for helping us help you.

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Closed Thread

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