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Originally Posted by BlackMage666 View Post
Protip: EA is just the publisher, VALVe was the one retuning the Console versions.

EA had no involvement in the Development process beyond publishing.

You probably shouldn't give out "pro tips" unless you know what your talking about. EA developed the PS3 version of Orange Box. They ported the game themselves and published it. Valve did PC and 360.
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I am sorry for any issues that you may be experiencing.

If you are experiencing issues and/or bugs in the PS3 version of The Orange Box, please provide us with as much detail as possible HERE.

Thank you and Happy Holidays.


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I don't know why you're surprised

I mean, Valve makes great products but my hopes were slayed the day I heard they were using an EA team to port TOB to the PS3. Being a PS3 owner it makes me very sad to see these sub-standard ports being released to the PS3 when other games like R&C:Future and Assassin's Creed obviously take the time to make a game experience that's great no matter which platform you play on.

Until EA and any other company they work with start to make quality ports for the PS3 my best suggestion would be to just not buy the games. Your dollars will speak louder then any open letters.

Having said that..... I hope they patch/update TOB for PS3. At that point, I'll buy it.
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I have to agree and hope that a patch is released.
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Thank you everyone for your support.

I would also like to thank BurtonJ for his role in letting the Valve Team know of our concerns.

Now that we have Valve's attention, it is important that we follow up our requests for a patch by posting suggestions and bug reports in the official sticky thread on this forum.

The more ethusiasm and initiative we display, the louder Valve will hear us. So please make the effort to voice your suggestions.

Thank you.
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I am another PS3 owner who did not rush out and buy TOB even though I wanted so badly to do so... I played HL2 on the PC when it first came out and could not justly buy TOB with the current frame rate issues and such. I'm also eagerly awaiting to see if a patch is released...

Also, what is up with the surround sound issue? Make use of the PS3 optical output as most folks are not using HDMI for audio anyway...
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Post My Thoughts

i totally agree with mort918!

look, i live in germany and i bought a week ago TOB for my ps3 (import) because i couldn't wait to have this game! my pc isn't good enough and i bought a ps3 month ago so of course i decided for the ps3 edition! i really didn't care about gabe's comment of the ps3 or the comments of those internet gaming sites about TOB for ps3.

like mort918 i'm a huge fan of half-life since the first game and now i recognized that it's really unfair because of the missing support for the ps3 edition! i also don't expect something big, at least regular updates for team fortress 2 like the pc/xbox360 edition and the same game features like in the 360 version (game lobbies etc.)

i have to say that i never had so much fun to play an online game like team fortress 2! everything is cool: the classes, maps, the typicall 60's-style etc. but yesterday my ps3 frozes several times whlie playing it or it took minutes for loading which demotivated me playing it.

now the disc is back in it's case and i wont't play it till an update is available otherwise i will sell this game and buy me something which doesnt have problems.
now my shoot-out: COME ON VALVE OR EA! don't let your fans down!

North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
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Hi all! I'm a fan of Valve's Half Life saga! II bought TOB for Christmas and it's fantastic! The best FPS ever made!!! However I'm very disappointing about the PS3 port of the game that really is far from the PC and X360 versions. Please, Valve, we love YOU! We LOVE YOUR GAMES! WE LOVE HALF LIFE 2, pleeeease just fix stuff!
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I use Ubuntu Linux on all my home PCs and therefor I am only able to play games from the few companies that offer Linux support (which I would encourage Valve to consider but that is another issue altogether).

So most of my gaming is done on my PS3. Infinity Ward successfully released Call of Duty 4 on both platforms and demonstrated that both are capable of handling todays top games. But Valve on the other hand has demonstrated an extreme bias when supporting the current consoles by A) Gabe's public rants about the PS3/Cell platform B) The long delay between releasing ToB on PS3 and C) the poor development effort put into the PS3 version.

With all the effort put forth by companies into making good cross platform games that don't favor one system or another, ToB doesn't deserve my purchase. If you shovel poor ports onto systems don't expect them to be well received.

With that said, if a patch was released and brought the game up to a level comparable to the 360 version I would look forward to purchasing it.

Cliff Notes: If you fix it, I will buy it.
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being an owner of HL2 and EP1 on PC already, i was just going to buy EP2. but i've almost turned into a console exclusive gamer as i love playing on my HDTV with surround sound. so i decided to wait it out for the PS3 version. but after reading how poor the PS3 version is, i'm considering getting EP2 again for PC.

after being directed to the thread where you can post suggestions for fixes etc., i have hope again for the PS3 version.

so please, Valve/EA, fix the PS3 version.
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Old 01-04-2008, 04:25 PM   #26
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Please fix the PS3 Orange Box!!!!!
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Any news about?
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I would also like to state my dissapontment with the PS3 version. I am very disappointed in Valve and EA and will be waiting for it to be patched before playing again. It really does seem like quality has been sacrificed for cash with this conversion.
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Patch will never happen. EA would act like this mistake of a game never happened and wonder where the hell all their earnings from their PS3 division are going.
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Don't just blame this on EA. The Xbox1 version of HL2 sucked, should have never been released... terrible product with framerate so bad it was basically unplayable if you ask me. TF2 for the 360 sucks as well, the gameplay is awesome, great game, terrible port. I mean they can't even get the server browser to work.

It's not that they hate the PS3, it's the fact they don't seem capable of releasing a product that actually complete for the console, nor working correctly. Excuses is all I hear.... first it was the Xbox can't handle it... than MS makes you go through certification... than the PS3 is not designed well. Yet, I play all types of games that run great on the same hardware.

Valve should consider either releasing quality products on the console, or either stop releasing console product... or their name will suffer.
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