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[PS3] Orange Box Suggestions / Tweaks

Please use this forum topic to suggest changes and tweaks.

FAQ: Where can I find support information for the Playstation 3 version of The Orange Box?

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A 'Create Server' option for Team Fortress 2.
The achievements ported to the PS3.
Perhaps some minor intergration into the Home trophy room?
Transferrable .bsp files. (Make maps with PC, play them on PS3, like UT3)

Lag removal, or decrease of lag.
Team Fortress 2 map exploits.

Valve, I appreciate your concern of the situation. The Orange Box was (without a doubt) the best game of 2007, it's just a shame that PS3 owners had to suffer.


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As reported in an earlier thread, The Orange Box for PS3 is not outputting surround sound over HDMI.

My system is capable of receiving DTS 5.1 and Dolby Digital 5.1 over HDMI (confirmed on other PS3 titles, which output the surround sound correctly) but all games on The Orange Box are only outputting 2.1 PCM sound over the HDMI connection.

I have not tried an optical connection to my receiver, as I don't have a long enough TOSLink cable.

Would definitely appreciate it if this issue is resolved soon. Surround sound is an important part of TF2 matches! (Where's that shooting coming from?!)
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Please can you fix the long load times . They are really long.

I really appreciate that you guys are trying to fix the issues.
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The orange box [PS3]

EDIT: Since you want us to list the problems/changes they would be:

1. Inconsistent framerate in all 5 games that can render them downright unplayable at times.
2. Loading times in all 5 games (Although it doesn't affect gameplay in portal and is much less significant although it is still worse than the 360 version).
3. Support for mouse and keyboard should be added.

Although I suggest that you read the quote below from IGN.com and add the problems within it to the list if you can because I would really appreciate it since these are all the significant issues I have encountered playing this game and it really upsets me that PS3 owners have to play one of the greatest games of all time like this.

QUOTE STARTS HERE: ''Unfortunately, our complaints don't stop there. The remainder of our criticisms are to blame for the discrepancy in scores between the PlayStation 3 version of the game and the 360 version (the PS3 version, after all, wasn't handled entirely by Valve). The PlayStation 3 Orange Box performs far worse, and this fact just isn't up for debate. While framerate issues aren't as problematic in Half-Life 2 and Episode One, Episode Two suffers a great deal, especially during the episode's larger battles. We regret to say that some sections border on being unplayable because of the stutters, which often cause your aim to be thrown off and timing shots to be very difficult. The problem isn't persistent throughout, but when it hits, it hits hard.

More troubling still is the difference in load times. Almost all the PS3 load times are at least five seconds more than the 360, but loading a saved game/loading after death is particularly awful. These clock in at about two to three times as long as the 360 version, which slows down the gameplay considerably. Even though the PS3 Orange Box sports a quicksave feature, any benefit of this option is lost considering the overall abundance of loading.

Even in Portal, a short title that often requires a little trial and error, this problem is massive. The 360 version takes about three seconds to load your last checkpoint if you die. The PS3 version takes seventeen. It hurts.

We must also mention that during all of our Team Fortress 2 play sessions, there was a very startling delay when using explosive weapons like the Soldier's rocket launcher or the Demoman's grenade launcher. When you pull the trigger to fire, there's a very brief but noticeable delay between the recoil of the weapon and the actual delivery of the explosive. This can seriously screw up your timing when trying to lead a rocket shot, or similar attacks.''

Again thank you so much for listening to our comments and taking action.

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Framerate issues throughout the games , especially in Episode 2 which suffers a great deal of them during the larger battles

A delay when using explosive weapons like the Soldier's rocket launcher or the Demoman's grenade launcher in Team Fortress 2.

Thanks .
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Ok, First of all i would like to state I am a long time fan, the work you guys put in your games is unreal. Before Orange Box was release for ps3 I had high hopes for it, but after playing it, i feel it got the boot from the developers. First of all there is no reason for so much more extra load time vs other versions of the game on that other system. The Playstation 3 comes standard to with a HDD, use it to your advantage. Second and perhaps more important would be the unstable frames the game suffers from. I come from a history of being a hardcore pc junkie, but my computer has become aged, so a console is a better choice for me. But after playing the game and seeing the frame skips, I have become turned off to give it a chance. Thirdly its so secret Half life 2 was meant to be played with a mouse and keyboard, why no support? We have seen another Playstation 3 game add support, why not add it to the greatest game of all time on Playstation.

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The Orange Box
  • Loading times slower than the 360 version. Make it the same.
  • Add support for DUALSHOCK 3.
  • On SDTV's, some of the screen gets cut-off. Make it SDTV friendly as well.
  • Achievements are in 360 and PC version, why removed from PS3?
Half Life 2 Titles
  • Fix inconsistent framerate issues. There is so much stuttering in these games that make you die constantly, loose big battles, it's really annoying.
  • Fix glitches.
  • Loading times need fixing as well. Should be equal with 360 loading.
  • Minor inconsistent framerate skips need fixing.
  • Loading times suck. It takes around 20 seconds to respawn after you die on the PS3 version, while it's like 5 seconds on the 360 version. Fix it.
Team Fortress 2
  • Inconsistent framerate skips need fixing.
  • Constant lag that leads to un-smoothe picking of characters and such. It causes delays when using explosive weapons like the Soldier's rocket launcher or the Demoman's grenade launcher.
  • Add game lobby to the PS3 version, allowing us to make friends or invite friends to our game or communicate.
  • Give us a menu like the 360 version, allowing us to search ranked games and such. You can't even tell on the PS3 if a game is ranked.
  • Give us submenus like the 360 version. You know with the Quick Match, Find a Custom Match, and Host Server.
  • Add a System Link option like the 360 has.
  • I keep loosing my stats, they don't save, I want my stats to save.
  • Private matches for clan battles would be nice.
  • Loading times need fixing as well. Should be equal with 360 loading.
  • If you can, why not take use of the PLAYSTATION Network such as Unreal Tournament III is? Meaning allowing mods or something.

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HDD Caching?

Taking advantage of the playstation open network service?
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Problems With The Orange Box (PS3):
- Framerate Issues
- On the right and bottom border of the screen, there is a video glitch of some kind that somewhat hinders the visuals of the game
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I would like to see the removal of lag on TF 2 or just ALL lag, period.

A Framerate pick up for all the games on the disk

HDD Caching

Less load times for the games. It's Blu-Ray for god's sake. There should barely be any load times or just none at all. I really think an option should had been given to us to install the Orange Box on the HDD (partially or fully) to cut load times in half or all together.

I would love to see Dualshock 3 support (rumble support) for the Orange Box, also.



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PS3 users have grown a custom to hard drive installs you could levitate some of the issues with games loading and framerate. And that would be even better if you had separate game installs for each of the 5 games in orange box to customize the experience more.

A feature that would make everyone happy is server support from personal computers for TF2 on ps3 so that the online play isn't downgrade needlessly by the 360's Peer to Peer system. And to take that a step further maybe even cross platform play between PS3 and PC. A party system which allows the inviting of friends from the PSN friends list.

A third thing that would really win the hearts of PS3 owners who haven't bought orangebox is selling the software separably on PSN.

Thanks for listening, the fact that valve is taking notice of the PS3 version speaks loads for the company. It was a disappointment what ended happening, for valve to take responsibility over EA is really impressive. I am a realist though and I know that all features i'm proposing are hard and expensive to develop. That's why I dared propose that you release the game on the Playstation Store because with that you could collect revenue whilst also fixing the errors of the current owners. The industry would be very impressed if valve chose to do this and partner with sony to push downloadable games.

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Problems with Team Fortress 2:
- Connectivity Errors. Every five minutes, without fail, I'm kicked out of the EA servers with a connectivity error. I'm certain it's not on my end, since I don't have a router/firewall. I also know that others are suffering the same issue, and it's a pity, since those five minutes of gameplay are always awesome. This makes the game essentially unplayable. Just to clarify, I'm Irish, and, hence, using the European servers.
- Lag Issues.
- Poor UI, compared with other versions.
- Very long loading times.
- Game freezing during loading times. A map will load halfway, and then stop, forcing me to exit the game, and reinitialise. This also happened on one occasion when loading the Half-Life 2 main menu, but happens relatively often when playing Team Fortress 2.

Problems with Half-Life 2, and Episodes 1 & 2:
- Framerate issues, at times.
- Lengthy loading times, especially after death.

Problems with Portal:
- Minor framerate issues.
- Lengthy loading times.

I just want to say that, Valve, you've earned my respect for not only developing such amazing games, and compiling them so cheaply, but also for taking this stance regarding the issues EA brought about in the PS3 version. If Team Fortress 2 can be cleaned up, this'll be the best €70 I'm likely to spend for some time.

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I haven't been able to connect to TF2 on my main account but it works on my sub accounts. thanks for taking the time to hear us.
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Thank you very much for once for actually not thinking the Playstation 3 and it's owners are crap. (I'm talking to you Gabe.) You guys have developed games worthy of their recognition, and that should ring true no matter what platform they are played on.

On to the point. The Orange Box is one of, if not the best buy 2007 has to offer, which is why it's a shame you guys handed the PS3 version over to EA. As a result, nobody was surprised when the biggest issues with this version were performance related.

Issues that need to be fixed:

-Frame rate
*on all 5 games, but mainly ep. 2

-Loading times
*PLEASE cache more information, and find a way to drastically shorten loading times between deaths. This is imperative!

-No 5.1 Audio
*There is absolutely NO excuse for this. It must be fixed!

*You set up over 100 achievements for the other versions, please integrate those into the PS3 version as well.

Thank You for listening to our concerns, and I hope you guys aspire to continue to maintain quality in all of your games. I look forward to your next release!

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