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Temp Coding Request: Naruto Project

The project is Naruto, based on the hit japanese anime.


We are doing our project on the goldsrc engine for many reasons, one being it would help us get our project out the door at a more efficient pace. Our goal is to create a modification fun, simple yet skillful, and versatile in gameplay. Our project's gameplay will action/stealth oriented, having many features not generic to other projects. The people who are currently helping develop this project are experienced developers, with our team consisting of animators, modelers, 2d artists, level designers, programmers, everything needed to create a modification.

We already have a lot of progress done, however, we would like to request someone who can help us get our very simple melee system off the ground. We are asking for someone capable of creating the following system:

Our current design:
- Holding the LMB <5 secs = 5 consecutive combination of hits
- Holding the LMB >5 secs = Strong hit, knocking the defender a few feet back
- Holding the RMB <5 secs = 3 consecutive combination of hits, slower but stronger
- Holding the RMB >5 secs = Strong hit, knocking the defender into the air
- Holding the LMB and RMB <10 secs = Grapple move, and if connected successfully, would result in the defender being thrown

We have made big strides with progress already. Benefits include being granted an inteam position with access to the development of this project, as well as working with a great team. We are willing to trade off animations for this small code.

For more information, media, and questions, feel free to contact me at the following:

AIM: imkongkong
MSN: imkongkong@hotmail.com
ICQ: 499721007

Hope to hear from you soon.

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Advertising? Others also posted in this section asking for help within the coding department?
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