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How to remove the film grain effect.

If you don't like the film grain effect that is applied to the entire game, I've figured out how to disable it. Unfortunately it's not a menu option: you have to go into the game folder and remove one of the shader files.

PLEASE NOTE: Do this at your own risk. I am not responsible for any problems or loss of data this may cause you.
Although if you do break the game, you can always just re-download it through Steam by verifying your game cache.

All you need to do is head into your \steam\steamapps\common\stubbs the zombie\shaders\vsh\ folder. Then rename or delete convolution.vsh. Voila. It should make the game easier on the eyes.

Note that this will also disable the black-and-white/blur effect when you're in hand mode. Please let me know if this causes any other aberrant effects in the game.
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This has an interesting side-effect:
It fixes the "detached arm mode shrinks the display to one quarter of its size" bug on Ati graphics cards!
I was finally able to advance to the dance scene just to experience that glorious crash bug first handed.

I personally really liked the effect, thought, and removing it robs the game of quite a lot of charm and appeal. So it's an ugly workaround to say the least and it only fixes one of the two game-breaking bugs on Ati cards.

At least this bug should be easily fixed by correcting the bug in the shader file ... but I seriously doubt that Aspyr will invest that tiny little manpower needed to actually do it.
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Well this is a great help thnx for the notice ^^
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maybe screenshots to compare? (please)
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