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Exclamation VALVe,please look into what "Privacy" means on Steam.

I and a couple of other people have been thinking about this for quite some time now and we've come to a conclusion,that it has to be done.

What am i talking about,precisely?Privacy.

Currently,we only have 3 Privacy Settings,which are:Profile Status,Comment Permissions and Inventory.One can also Block All Communication with a certain user.That's great and all,they shouldn't be modified or removed,but the system itself is greatly lacking.Now,before i present my suggestions,i'm going to tell a brief story with a very unpleasant outcome.

Me and 2 of my friends were and still are being harassed by a certain user,whom we know outside our virtual lives and who doesn't seem to want to give up.The harassment has been going on for 6+ months and,as you may have thought,is getting a teeny tiny bit annoying.This particular user has threatened us and even attempted and succeeded 2 assaults on us outside of our homes.We've escalated this case to the police,but the police just laughed at us trying to prove his harassment via the internet and stated,that such things don't interest them and gently hinted,that we should come back only if we get seriously injured or killed.It has been found that the user is seriously mentally ill,but,again,unless he does something completely blasphemous or decides to visit an Asylum himself,nothing can or will be done.
Now,how does he harass us via Steam (although his main account was blocked by us,never to be communicated with again),exactly?

•He makes alternative accounts with offensive Usernames/Avatars and/or Usernames AND Avatars and spams us with invites from those accounts.

•He makes alternative accounts and impersonates us from those accounts.

•We can't ever un-private our profiles to trade,show off our cool profiles,share different kind of information etc.,because he instantly "activates"-starts spamming us with invites from his alts,copies information from our profiles and pastes onto his own,starts to harass OTHERS from our friends.

He stalks us.

Sure,many of you will probably say things,like:"Oh,but why don't you just ignore the invites/insults etc.","Oh,but why don't you just change your Username/Avatar." etc.My first answer to those will be-I am not supposed to.I have the right to be free,have the right to freely use Steam without being harassed.Moreover,i bet every single user would get tired after 6+ months of such bull****,continuing from day to day,seemingly having no hope of ever ending.

Finally,i will present a "cure" to such situations.I bet we aren't the only ones,who have been harassed in a similar way before.I love Steam,WE love Steam,Steam is our virtual home and we'd love it to be as secure as a real home.

1).Add a setting to ignore ALL or certain invites (perhaps this setting could have a filter-by IP/by profiles,which are too new/by certain letters or words).

2).Add a setting to ignore ALL Group invites AND/OR to accept invites from a certain group of users/users,who meet a specific criteria (i.e. users with a level of 5/10/15 etc.)

3).Let users request a change of their original ID's with a valid reason and any/necessary proof.Because if someone just adds your profile to their Bookmarks,no Avatar,Username or ID changes made by you will help to get rid of any undesired attention.

I dream of being able to request Valve to IP block someone,but i know it won't ever happen.

I hope this will go through...

Thank you for the attention!

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Yeah... Isn't it sad how there isn't really anything you can do if some pathetic loser with no life decides to make you their target.

Steam is long overdue for a serious upgrade to the privacy settings. Especially since they're trying to force everyone into their new god awful discussion area which is linked directly to our accounts... So one post that a no life loser disagrees with and you could become a target for months of harassment.

For starters they could make private profiles actually private... As in hiding the steam id, and making it so that if someone (somehow) got our steam id they would basically get "this id does not exist" messages whenever trying to do anything.

After that create a "safe list" of games/mods that we could allow to view our profile information (like hours played) so users don't have to set their profiles to public in order to play certain game mods. (like NS2's no rookie mod)

With all this Steambook garbage Steam is forcing on us, the current privacy settings are an absolute joke.
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Great suggestions I think.

In the meantime, this exists.
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+1. Privacy (even at the SteamID level) is much needed. I'm sick of my account showing up on 3rd party snoop sites run by people who can't mind their own.
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