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30 FPS cap?

II know my computer can run faster. No matter what options I set in Legendary (resolution, quality) I still am locked at 30FPS. I even changed FPS smoothing to FALSE and set the values to 60.

What else can I do? Please help!

EDIT: I tried MinDesiredFrameRate, FramerateSmoothing, turning VSYNC off (both in ini files and in driver control panel) and I know for a fact that I can run this game faster - (UT3, RE5, ME1, ME2, all are using the unreal 3 engine and they all run 60FPS on my rig). It seems to have a hard cap of 30 fps.

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30 FPS? I'm getting 75 with vsync enabled. If you're adjusting settings in the .ini files, be sure you're doing it from here:

My Documents\My Games\Legendary\Pandora Game\Config\

That's where the game is using the settings regardless of the install path. I have these settings in PandoraEngine.ini:


I know I'm getting 75 FPS because my monitor will report the raw refresh values from the viewmeter in the menu. Let me know if this helps. If not, we'll try something else.
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If your using a 360 controller it might be making your game capped at 30 fps but, I'm only guessing.
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I have the exact opposite problem. I'm getting 170-250 FPS, which is seriously heating up my video card. I'd like to lock it down to about 60ish, but I can't seem to find a My Documents/Legendary folder.

Also: Using a 360 controller, so that's not it, Raz.

EDIT: Found it.

Steam\steamapps\common\Legendary\PandoraGame\Confi g
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Has anyone found a solution to the problem? My game also runs in 30-35 fps. I've tried tweaking the PandoraEngine.ini file but it hasn't helped.

The problem is with Logitech Gaming Software for G15 keyboard. I had to disable all LCD applets and exit (=close completely) the Logitech Gaming Software. Now the game runs in 120 fps.

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Ty Memb i have G15 keyboard too good to know lol haw haw xD
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