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this game is a joke

how can navigating trains around a fixed track or watching them chug along be the least bit amusing
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The same way that toy train sets were really popular before video games over took them.
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Is not a joke, It's a trains simulator, boy.
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two routes, only one of which can be driven????????????

Can you get refunds?
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can you crash them into each other and get de-railments?
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Blue Lightning
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Here is some gameplay I found on YouTube.


Really, it looks good to me, although I know very little about train sims, as it is a genre I am newley interested in, and keeping an eye on.

Even though I havent played a train sim yet (but planning on it), here is my two cents. Being able to drive the train in the first person is good, but to make it more exciting, I think you (the conductor) should have the option of going on top the train in the first person, and looking for hobo's like in "emperor of the north" or something. That was a real problem and still is in some areas...hobo's getting a free ride. With this feature added, you can hunt for hobo's and swing a chain or shoot at them with a pistol, making the game a "shooter". You would only have so much time though, as you would have to get back the the engine before it was time to "slow down' or whatever...

That adds a whole new dimension to the game...part sim and part FPS (if you want to take that option).

Also, I think the third person perspective kills the immersion of any sim. First person only, should be the offering in my opinion. Makes it more of a challenge.

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Originally Posted by Fish-E View Post
I've got to agree with you guys.

You can't even properly drive the trains.

Extremely disapointing.
This comment make me laugh. As a real traindriver this is far superior then other trainsims. Only ZUSI a german trainsim beats TRS2009(Trainz). The point is you all don,t know what this sim realy can do.
You need to go the the Auran forums to learn this sim. Its a very steep learning curve, and trust me before you even know what this sim realy can do you are a couple of years busy. I mean real signal sytems in combination with sessions you can make with or without SCS2006 is very good.
To point is that you need to invest alot of time to learn this sim and download the good content and trains. Also building routes is very easy.
This sim is build with an open resource code so the third party peeps can realy make great things for this sim.
TRS2009 out of the box is only 5% of the real Trainz hobby.
Also peeps that talk about a toy sim just tryed this sim for 1 day out of the box and thats not what Trainz realy is.
above some vids that will let you see what peeps can make out of the Trainz series.


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hi laika, I have a question, why is Trainz more realistic than RailWorks?
I don't own none of them but I do own and played MSTS and Rail Simulator, and I always thought that Rail Simulator was pretty accurate, except for the signals.

I'm asking cause I've been shopping for some time for a new Sim and was going to buy RailWorks since everybody that I know complains about Trainz, but since you're saying that it's the best (or second best) Train simulator I would be glad If you can show me why Trainz and not Rail Works (if you don't mind).

thanks a lot
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Old 10-02-2010, 01:19 AM   #9
freaky frank
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Try this

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wow, thats just takes the p*** rofl, that game looks rather fun
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@freaky frank
Yeah it looks nice but thats it. But GFX doesn,t tell me anything. Its a video that runs. So if you brake the video also runs slower etc. There are no random options in these kind of games.

Simple its a sim that is made with a open coding source. Its up to the builder how to use this sim. As a example a german company BSI use PTP(german version of Trainz) to make great routes. Driving trains is far more realistic than railsim. It has all german security driving systems included like PZB, LZB, SIFA etc. Braking a train is like real.
Look at this German site and download some of the video,s and you know what i mean. The even used the ebula system and annoucements in the train and on the platforms etc.

All vids are PTP a german version of Trainz 2006

Some polish rolling stock is scipted that you even need to switch on the compressor and battery etc. You can open windows, use screens for the sun. And braking and accelerating feels far more real than railsim.

Ofcourse when it comes to a real driving sim for trains then nothing can beat ZUSI. The GFX for for ZUSI 2 is awfull but they are working on a version three

But believe me Trainz is alot more then just out of the box. But you need to invest allot of time to learn this sim. i dont want to say that Railsim isn,t good as a sim. But its in my opinion its a false statement to say that Trainz is crap. But as i told before most peeps only tryed this sim for a couple of hours out of the box.
And don,t forget that Trainz was dev. in the same period as MSTS but official MSTS got only 1 patch but Trainz has grown over the years till now with version 2010.
Sorry for my bad Uk language

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Great laika, thanks for your great and extremely informative reply!
I have ZUSI demo here which I've been "playing" A LOT lately and man, I JUST LOVE IT, but I didn't want to shell out almost 60 bucks to 1 month later find ZUSI 3 hitting the "shelves" you know what I mean... but it's been though to resist that's why I wanted to move to something less expensive until ZUSI 3 is out whenever that will be.

Anyway, from your description I think that Trainz is more what I'm looking for to keep me happy for now.

I'm gonna take a look at your links but from what you've told me I don't have any more doubts..

Thanks A LOT again!

Have a great one!

best regards
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No problem Figadas glad i can help you out
If you want the german TRS2006 so you are sure all routes made with BSI will run you need to look at amazon.de. They have all PTP routes etc.
great starting box with 2 routes and 1 tramroute. These trams are very good scripted.

The best you can do is visit the Auran forums were you can find allot of links that points to great freeware sites like these one as example
http://www.ibertrainz.eu/ Spanish
http://globuletrainz.free.fr/ French
Also you can read allot about how to use Gmax, and all about routebuilding, dem data, signaling etc.

If you need some more information ask me or ask in the Auran forum.

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Hey laika how you doing buddy?

Sorry to bother you again but I have two more questions

1)Can I use those Blue-Sky Interactive Routes and Locomotives that were supposed to be used on PTP (Trainz 2006) on the "new" Trainz Simulator 2010: Engineers Edition? Are they gonna work without any problems?

2) Like I told you, I was waiting for Zusi 3 but I don't think we are gonna see it soon, so... my question is, what would you do? Would you buy Trainz (for $15 bucks) now and PZB/LZB addons (Blue Sky addon usually costs between $15-20) while you are waiting for Zusi 3 or would you rather go and buy Zusi 2 ($50)?

I'm looking for realism... I like you don't care about GFX, of course it's nice to have some eye candy but realism always comes first.

What I think is... if Trainz with the addons can give me 90% of the realism (in terms of loco control) that Zusi 2 gives to me I rather go for Trainz for now, but If Zusi is WAAAAAAAAAYYYY more realistic than Trainz with the addons, I will take Zusi 2.

If you can help me to decide I'll be very glad...

thanks a lot again!
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Its real difficult to tell you whats the best.
ZUSI is the best driving sim you can get. But you need to understand that the GFX are from an old generation. I don,t care because i never buy a sim for GFX only. Also ZUSI is based on the German railsystem with German rules and security systems. They have a forum you can read allot.

On the other hand PTP routes don,t work with TRS2010. You need the PTP version. My feeling is that PTP will be the best option for now. Its 70% of driving feeling compared with ZUSI.
for EUR 18,71 you have Die große ProTrain Perfect Box and its a perfect start and all routes you will buy work with that version.
You have 2 german routes included
you have 1 US route
you have 1 tramroute with great scripted trams.

If you like that version you can make a choise to buy some other routes.
Also PTP is a good start for builing your own routes. Believe me its a fun thing. Route building is so easy compared to Railsim.
Also you can download from the Auran site all TRS2006 without SP3 items or below. So TRS2004 items will also work.
There is only one problem. TRS2006 without SP3 or PTP(German) is made for win xp. So if you have Vista you really need to read the forums how to install etc. You need to install as admin.

So for 18,71 you have a good deal.
ZUSI even version 2 is mutch more expensive becausee that sim is very niche.

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