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Exclamation Installing Dawn of War II from the disc

For those of you experiencing issues installing DOWII from the retail disc, we have put up an FAQ to address this:

Installing Dawn of War II from the disc

If the information in this FAQ does not resolve the issue, please reply to this thread with a detailed account of what happened, what you have tried to resolve the issue, and what country you are located in.
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"The Installation of the Game failed to Complete. Please Try again"

If you receive The Installation of the Game failed to Complete. Please Try again when attempting to install, please try running Steam with the following:

Steam.exe -install d:

(eg in case the DVD is in the D drive)
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Please elaborate on what you mean.
'Cos I get 99% through the installation before getting a 'Steam Service has failed, please restart Steam and try installation again' message. The game then appears on my games list, starts updating, then starts updating again from scratch once it reaches double figures. Sometime it gets past 10%, but never 20%. Any ideas? 'Cos I'm feeling really ripped off right now...
Breakthrough! Kind of... the update passed 20%. That isn't very heartening though, since the game will probably fail to work anyway, since the installation never finished properly.

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I am seeing alot of these complaints and so far its becomming quite clear that you would be mad to ever buy a non valvue game through steam given the terrible support and quality of the service provided.
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I didn't buy it through Steam. I went out to the shop and brought the actual game. Don't trust any of this buying and downloading games online.
And I eventually managed to find a fix for this problem, at about 3am... Happy that I can now play DoW2 but resentful that Steam made me go through all that when it should've been so simple...
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ive done this twice now (bought a steam game at retail) and at this point ive come to the conclusion that youre best bet is to never even put the disk in the drive... just put in the key and download it. thats silly, i know, but at least it works... its abundantly clear that the disk-based install for DoW2 is somehow broken, so unless youre nearing some kind of download cap, i wouldnt even try it.
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I couldn't get the installer to go right on dialup, similar problem with F.E.A.R. 2 it'd get stuck on 'Creating local game cache files' endlessly. I think it's a network timeout issue.

I did send it to support but they're probably a bit loaded. There's another thread for FEAR 2s similar issues here - http://forums.steampowered.com/forum...d.php?t=803645

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Ok, so I've pretty much read the "How to install the game from the cd thing" a few times, and mine doesn't give the option to choose the desktop icon or whatever, it just skips to the creating a cache or something similar. I have dial up so waiting for the download isn't really an option since my download speed is somewhere close to 2-3 kb/s. I just don't understand why I can't install the damned game from the cd itself
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ok i'm from Melbourne, Australia and i have a problem like many out there with installing dawn of war 2. i bought the dvd version so i wouldnt have to download the game and so i got a copy on disk in case it somehow got lost. it opens up steam and says

"creating local game cache files" "preparing Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II files for install" the loading bar fills up then it just 'hangs', i left it the first time thinking it would take a few minutes, this turned into half an hour so i thought maybe it stopped responding so i cancelled installation in which reverted into steam not responding then retried the process 5 times, looked up on the net found people with the same problem, reinstalled steam 4 times, retried installing a further 3 times and here i am 7 hours later with no progress. downloading the game is NOT an option due to my bandwidth only being 200mb a month on adsl speed after 200mb it drops to dial-up speeds.

-thank you for your time
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forgot to add, i have forwarded ports and seen all related trouble shooting articles, this is also a connection speed error, because i have installed fear 2 with no problems and it is a much larger game (10+ gig opposed to dawn of war 2)
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Should'a come back here to update... I found a fix. Worked for me fine, hopefully works for everyone else too. Apparently the fix came from this forum, originally, so thank you to whoever's responsible. Anyway, go just over halfway down the page to find Shilk's post with the fix.

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Months of anticipation.

One hour of joy.

Nine days of frustration and disappointment.

That describes my experience with Dawn of War II at this point.

I have spent 9 days trying to install it.

I have intalled/uninstalled/re-installed both Steam and DOW2 3-6 times a day everyday since I purchased it on DVD.

I have tried every solution offered here and at both the relicnews.com and dawnofwar2.com forums.

I tried installing from 2 different dvd drives and 3 different hard drives.

I tried all the different languages.

I have appended "-intall (your dvd drive here):" to my shortcut.

When installing from HD I have modified the "setup_english.ini" and "setup.vdf" files.

I deleted the ".blob" files.

I have downloaded and intalled "DCO_1.1.4.zip", "WindowsXP-KB938759-x86-ENU.exe", "dotnetfx35setup.exe", "xliveredist.msi", and "SteamInstall.msi".

All to no avail.

When installing from the DVD both Steam and GFWL install just fine, so there's no problem with my DVD drives.

But ...

Nothing, absolutely nothing, will cause the install process to install DOW2 from either the DVD or HD.

It tries to install over the internet and then hangs at "creating local files" or some such.

I bought the DVD ... I expect the game to install from the DVD.

Like several others, I am still on a modem. No broadband available here ... and I ain't payin' what they're askin' for satellite.

I'm in Texas BTW, not far from Houston.

This has not been a problem before, this is not my first experience with Steam.

All the other games installed from their respective CD/DVD's as they should have and I only had to suffer through updates ... not complete installs.

At this point my patience has grown very thin, and I'm sure I am not alone.

THQ/Relic are about to go on my "do not buy from them ever again" list if something isn't resolved on this issue soon.

While I would prefer to speak directly to them on their "official" forum at dawnofwar2.com they seem to be reluctant to activate my membership there.

Also, Steam and some of the members here seem to be the only ones at least trying to do something about it.

While I am glad that these solutions are working for some, there are still many of us who are still working hard just to get it installed ...

... and wondering what other problems await us.

Somebody at THQ/Relic really dropped the ball on this one.

Unfortunately, if past experience is any indication we can expect more of the same from them now.

Once a company starts shipping broken products, and ignoring it's customers, it doesn't usually get any better.

In the mean time, if the good folk here have any further suggestions ... I'm listening.

Edit: Does any one else find it disconcerting that THQ's official support doesn't even acknowledge the failure to install from DVD problem exists?

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Server busy issues.

Since the Scout Update for TF2 I have been unable to load DoW2, receiving a 'Servers are too busy...' error each time. I lodged a support ticket (no response as yet) and followed the instructions on the support page regarding this issue - all to no avail. Despite the DoW2 issue, I was still able to download other games.

Yesterday I uninstalled Steam and all my products and reinstalled in the hope this would fix the problem. I am once again able to install other games but DoW2 will neither install off the disk, nor will it download - in both circumstances I get the 'servers are too busy' error message after it attempts to install.

Any help would be appreciated.
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I finally solved my "failure to install" problem.

I have access to a computer at work with a broadband connection.

So, I installed and updated Steam/GFWL/DOW2 to an external HD there and brought it home.

Then I copied all the directories and files that were not present in my home installation of Steam into the appropriate directories.

These included:

>\Steam\steamapps\common\dawn of war 2
>\Steam\steamapps\dawn of war 2 common files.ncf
>\Steam\steamapps\warhammer 40,000 dawn of war ii english.ncf

I then logged on, started Steam, and verified my local files.

When everything came up positive I started DOW2.

It spent a few minutes "updating" and then the game started.

I checked out the menu, set a few graphics selections, closed the game, and put Steam in offline mode and closed Steam.

Then I restarted Steam and fired-up DOW2 again. It started a lot faster this time.

So far I've played through three missions of the SP campaign last night and everything runs and looks great.

This solution is very similar to Zurv's suggestion here: http://forums.steampowered.com/forum...stall+dvd+copy

However that didn't work for me either as, apparently, my abortive installs were not creating some necessary files and or directories.

I hope this is of some help to some of you having this problem as you are not going to get any from THQ/Relic.
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I had the problem where I tried to install the game offline and then when I tried again after going online I only had the option "Play Game" and Steam wanted to download the whole thing and not use the DVD-files!

Fixed it by deleting references to game 15620 from two places in the Windows Registry under the "Steam" folders (eg. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Valve\Steam\Apps\15620 and the same for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE) then hit F5 to refresh, exit regedit and reboot the PC.

The result is that when you next load the DVD you should see the "install game" option again... Then STAY ONLINE throughout the whole process.

(PS - I also checked that there was nothing DoW2-related already installed in the SteamApps Directory too). Hope this helps someone...
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