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Valve should pay for our week down!

I think we should start a petition to make them pay for the mistake they made. How can a company roll out a patch that doesn't work, doesn't rollback or come out with a new patch to fix this issue ASAP.

I currently run 2 servers on a dedicated CENTOS server and I had to add a string to bypass the problem, the only thing with this, our server becomes very laggy over 24 people (You can find this on other posts as well). We are losing regulars to other servers since at times my servers are unplayable. Before the last 2 patches I NEVER had any lag issues at all. Yet it's been 1 week and no real fix to the issue and no word from them at all.

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What are you referring to?
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Probably this: http://forums.steampowered.com/forum...d.php?t=816874
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I agree to Scam, VALVe has never made anything right w/o breaking something.
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Given that I've not seen any major issues in the last week, I'd say this was PEBKAC
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