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Unpatched Games on STEAM.

This thread was origonally created by Knopfdruckoffz but he appears to have disappeared so I have recreated it so that I can keep it up to date with new information. To update this thread PM or reply!

This thread is not an attempt at "VALVE BASHING" its just so users can quickly check this thread if your thinking of buying a game, so that you can be aware if there are existing problems regarding the version of the game your going to get on STEAM before wasting your hard earned cash on something that will not even work for you!

Well, there are some games on steam which doesn't have the latest retail patches applied. I wan't to collect the games and list them in this thread to provide informations about it, and if they can be patched manually or not. I had personal experience with this problem and i find it really annoying. So please point out games that have these problems too. I'll categorize the issues into major and minor.


Act of War by Atari
Versions 1.0 v 1.06
Thread about the patch.
Solution: Retail patch doesnt work.

Alien Shooter - Vengeance by Sigma Team Inc. / Strategy First
Versions: 1.2 vs Steam Patch 1.1
Thread about problems and an existing patch
Solution: official! Steam patch available here

ArmA: Combat Operations by Bohemia Interactive / Atari
Versions: 1.08 vs 1.14/1.15b
Thread regarding the international patch
Solution: retail patch available here

Arx Fatalis by Arkane Studios
Versions: 1.18 vs 1.19
Thread about GOG exclusive patch
Solution: Not possible as there is no retail patch

Culpa Innata by Momentum DMT / Strategy First
Versions: 1.0? vs 1.03
Thread about missing captions/subtitles
Solution: Not possible to apply retail patch because of missing cdkey after patch!

Europa Universalis III Complete by Paradox Interactive
Versions 3.0 vs 3.1 / 3.2
Thread about problems and the existing retail patches
Solution: retail patch may work with some registry editing

Flatout by Bluebear Entertainment
Versions V1.0 v V.1.1(EUR) & 1.2 (US)
Thread about problems and the existing retail patches
Solution: None known.

Hearts of Iron 2 Complete by Paradox Interactive
Versions 1.? vs 1.3b
Thread about missing patch
Solution: patchable, solutions provided in that Thread above

IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 by 1C
Versions : 4.07 vs 4.08
Thread about the patch.
Solution : Retail patch works.

Iron Man by Artificial Mind / Sega
Versions: 1.0 vs 1.1
Thread about the issue.
Solutions: None known.

Kings Bounty by 1C/Paradox Interactive
Versions: 1.6 v 1.7
Thread about the issue.
Solutions: None known.

Monster Jam by Torus Games / Activision
Versions 1.00 vs 1.01
Thread about the patch not coming to Steam
Solution: "The patch is incompatible with the Steam version of the game."

Need for Speed Undercover by Electronic Arts
Versions: 1.0 vs
Thread about the issue.
Solution: None so far

SlamIt Pinball Big Score by Technetium Games
Versions V1.0 v V1.1
Thread about the issue.
Solution: STEAM patch here.

Soldiers: Heroes of World War II by Best Way / Codemasters
Versions 1.28.3E vs Vista Upgrade
Thread about game not running at Vista
Solution: retail Vista Upgrade doesn't seem to work

STALKER - Shadow of Chernobyl by GSC Game World / THQ
Versions: 1.00005 (THQ) vs 1.00006 (GSC)
Thread about the issue
Solution: No lawful way.

STALKER - Clear Sky by GSC Game World
Versions - to 1.5.09
Thread about the issue.
Solution: Not known

The Incredible Hulk by Edge of Reality / Sega
Versions 1.0 vs 1.1
Thread about the patch.
Solution: See thread for workaround.

Universe at War: Earth Assault by Petroglyth
Versions "Vanilla" v "Patch 3"
Thread with solution.
Solution: See relevent thread.

World of Goo by 2D Boy
Versions: 1.2 vs 1.4
Thread with link to patch
Solution: retail patch works


Prey by Humanhead Studios / 2K Games
Versions 1.3 vs 1.4
Thread about the retail patch
Solution: not needed as it only affects the Japanese version which is not on steam, you may need it if you want to host games for japanese players

Two Worlds by Reality Pump Studios / Topware Interactive
Versions: 1.6 vs 1.7
Thread with reports of working retail patch
Epic version is already patched to 1.7
Solution: If you are still using the original Two Worlds, install the Epic version.


Making History: The Calm & the Storm by Muzzy Lane / Strategy First
Versions 2.0.4 vs Gold Edition
Sold separately beside the normal version. No plans for steam yet.

Medieval 2 : Total War
Versions - MTW2 doesnt apply the "Kingdoms" features for those who own the expanion.
Solution - None Known.

Titan Quest Gold by Iron Lore Entertainment / THQ
Versions: 1.1 vs Gold vs 1.16 (unofficial)
Thread about the fan patch
Solution: Unofficial patch provided here.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines by Troika Games / Activision
Versions: 1.2 vs Community Patches
Thread about the community patches available.
Solution: Version on STEAM is latest official release.

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You need to copy all the links too.
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Thank you so much Bezzer, for taking over.
World of Goo retail ist at 1.4 by now. The Steam version is still stuck at 1.2.

There were several other games in the old thread that are still missing from the list as well.
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Act Of War seems to be a problem too, although i can't confirm that (picked that info up from the act of war steam forum).
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I said it on the last thread just after the OP went.

Vampire Masquerade dont link to just one of the community patches since there are two competing for people. This thread compares the merits of both http://forums.steampowered.com/forum...d.php?t=742813
I think it would be best to say that there is not just one patch.
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For the Major section:

HAWX by Ubisoft Bucharest Studio / Ubisoft
Versions: 1.00 vs. 1.01
Thread about missing patch and updates.
Solution: None at this time; discussion and information about the patch, auto-updates and fixes by Ubisoft can be found here.
Discussion and references:

HAWX, it has not received the same official patch as other retail versions, see H.A.W.X. thread. One or two Steam user have claimed that the Steam version is 1.01 but this is not true. I have verified this by reviewing the posts that make the claim, reading both HAWX forums, and also through my own Ubisoft support request/reply. I sent support requests to Valve and they went unanswered. You can't patch the Steam version with the retail patches that simply does not work. Ubisoft states that they know of the problem and they are "working on it." The latest information provided by Ubisoft is dated April 7, 2009.

I just visited the Ubi.com forum. There is one official patch that was released: 1.01. Steam has not recevied this patch or has not released it. There is some discussion on Ubi.com about another patch, version 1.02 that may be coming but this is not verified, however, there was an update to the PC fixes thread that makes it almost seem like a second patch was release or some sort of second auto-update. But this is not clear or verified.

There were two very small updates by Steam, not patches. I can verify that there were two: one gave some people DX10 functionality and the other fixed a language setting problem. Valve has put a sticky up saying that DX10 was fixed but it was pulled down after it was found that it did not solve the problem for everyone.

Steam HAWX forum topic thread on updates and patches, including a tiny Valve response saying Ubisoft is responsible.

Ubi.com forum for HAWX community technical support discussing patches, bugs and fixes for retail versions:


The main problems with the Steam version:

1. Dmp errors, crashes to desktop.
2. Lack of multiplayer functionality.
3. Display errors.
4. Lack of DX10 functionality.
5. Stuttering video and frame rate with DX10.

There are a number of fixes that can be found at the forums: here and here.

If you purchased the Steam version you may experience some frustration. Experiences are varied. Some people claim the game works just fine and have DX10 (with Vista) and multiplayer. Other can just play single player and only in DX9. Some have frequent dmp errors. Some have infrequent dmp errors. Some can only play multiplayer versus. Others have both versus and coop multiplayer. Some say that if you just wait long enough coop servers will show up.

However, it is clear that the other retail versions who have access to the patch/auto-update are having a much better experience. This is verified by looking at the extensive fixes list that have been done by Ubisoft with the patche/auto-update that is not available for Steam users.

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Updated with HAWX and VTMB info.
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Call of Duty World at War by Treyarch / Activision
Versions: 1.3 vs. 1.4
Thread about patch.
Solution: None at this time.
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Could a moderator state why this topic does not qualify for a sticky? It is respectful and accurate. Perhaps it could be changed regarding the stuff about purchases, but can't a thread about the status of unpatched games get stickied?
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You need to add in information about Sacred 2 as well. Just check the Sacred 2 forums for the information.
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and it's actually helpful as people can use it to resolve theirs issues with games not up2date ...

Open Game Protocol : www.open-game-protocol.org
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Sacred 2 by Ascaron
Versions 2.34 vs 2.4
Thread about the patch.
Solution: Publisher has confirmed patch was sent to STEAM, appears no workaround at this time, awaiting update from Valve.

While we are on it, can a mod change the title of the thread since I dont seem to be able to do it!

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(On the flip side, the Steam version of Aquaria is 1.1.2, whereas retail is still 1.1.1)
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Act of War by Atari
Versions 1.0 v 1.06
Thread about the patch.
Solution: Retail patch doesnt work.
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Even direct2drive have stalker at 1.006 so its just valve being goddam lazy
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