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Question Screen Flickering/Blinking Problem

I've downloaded the Braid Demo straight from Steam yesterday, only to find out something very odd is going on.

Right at the first screen(The one with the big "Braid" written), when the character reaches the stairs the screen starts flickerin(or, to put more accurately, it gets black and then the game appears again for a moment, then turns black again...). If I press Esc, the menu appears normally, and if I take the character back to before the stairs, the game gets back to normal as well.

I tried the "-no__vsync__test" option, but all it does is make my screen flicker all the time, instead of only after I reach the stairs. I've tried to change my resolution or the game screen size, to no avail.

The system: Windows Vista, 2GHz Dual-Core T2390 CPU, 3 GB RAM, SiS Mirage 3 onboard video card, DirectX 10

Does anyone have any idea of what's going on?

It seems I've overlooked a very important detail: windowed mode. In windowed mode, the game is going okay. Still, I'm curious about why it keeps flickering so bad in full-screen...

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I have played this for a few hours fine. Then I got this problem. I think it was because I alt-tabbed out of the game for a minute. This was occuring in another game I have (shameless X3 Terran Conflict plug) and a new video card driver fixed the blinking it that game.

Best of luck,

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This seems to happen to me randomly and always when alt+tabbing.

It has nothing to do with video drivers (unless yours are really old, badly configured, or simply broken) because I know what I'm doing in regards to driver updates, configuration, computer maintenance, etc and this bug happens anyways.

This also happened for seemingly no reason at all. I didn't alt-tab or anything and yet it happened. I think it might be a side effect of the frame limiter/vysnc/the time manipulation engine. It's not that obtrusive to be honest and it's the only bug I've encountered in this game (lucky me?)
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Alt-tabbing doesn't have anything to do with what I've been seeing. Setting the frame rate to 30fps on the command line helps considerably, but does not entirely fix it.

I had originally posted that the cause was my monitor, but this is not the case (well not like I thought). I have GPU scaling enabled. It looks like it was a power issue. I thought the USB hub in my monitor was powered, but now I've learned the hard way this is not the case. It seems my wireless adapter was drawing too much power. Plugging it in through a powered hub has solved the issue for me.

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