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Lightbulb L4D2 Information and Useful Threads

Useful Left 4 Dead 2 Threads

I'm going to start compiling threads with useful info about L4D2. Let me know if you think any should be added!

Strategies and Guides
  • *Removed due to broken link* 24 ways to win consistently at scavenge
  • *Removed due to broken link* The L4D2 Special Infected Guide (Kaizoku)
Gameplay Mechanics
  • *Removed due to broken link* Left 4 Dead 2- Statistics & FAQs (KeRupTion)
    Weapon damage, accuracy, and other values, based on VPK data mining.
  • *Removed due to broken link* Comprehensive Weapon Statistics of L4D2 Thread (Cobalty2004)
    Weapon power and accuracy based on Tank kills and visual inspection.
  • *Removed due to broken link* INFO: Weapon Damage (mostly to Tanks) (DiggerDogg)
    Weapon power based on Tank kill time.
  • *Removed due to broken link* A study of migratory habits of Hunterous Aerialis (nrpBrain)
    Why Hunters always seem to pounce incapped Survivors instead of standing ones.

Console Commands, Scripting, and Other Mods
  • [Release] L4D Community Autoexec (mystrdat)
    An extensive set of config modifications to improve gameplay.
  • L4D2 Vocalize Commands. (loraliromance)
    Commands used to force your character to say something.
  • *Removed due to broken link*How to create custom Radial Menus! (st00pid_newb)
    Radial menus are what show up when you press Z or X.
  • Splitscreen Howto (d10sfan)
    How to enable split screen (for 2 players) on PC L4D2.
  • Kaizen's Left 4 Dead 2 config (FPSGOD)
    A config designed to boost framerates while maintaining quality.
  • *Removed due to broken link* A Full Tutorial On Creating a L4D2 SDK (CB1993)
  • *Removed due to broken link* How to find the best available server manually (SR69MMJC)
  • How to MUTE specific PLAYER IN-GAME! (SR69MMJC)
Hardware/Bugs/TroubleshootingGeneral Discussion
  • *Removed due to broken link* >> Official opinion discussion thread << *All opinion threads merge here* (HwKiller)
  • L4D2 Fixes and Suggestions Thread (SR69MMJC)
    Minor change suggestions (not bugs), submitted and vetted by users.
  • *Removed due to broken link* The Story of Left 4 Dead 2 (UN_Spacy)
    Interesting discussion of the possible background story.
  • *Removed due to broken link*Media Thread (Ltr.two)
    Comprehensive L4D2 media thread.
  • *Removed due to broken link* Post your best gore pics in this thread! (Yepes)
    A compilation of screenshots of the new gore mechanics.
Left 4 Dead 2 Groups
  • *Removed due to broken link* Adrenaline 4 Addicts - "A group for experts, by experts"
  • *Removed due to broken link* Zombicidal Steam Group - News, info, and guides.
  • L4D2 Realism Expert - A group dedicated to this difficult mode.
Left 4 Dead 2 Information

Check out the version on my site, which has more content and features! Also, please join our Zombicidal Steam Group for even more news and info! If you'd like to be notified of new info, I recommend following my L4D twitter.

Game Information
  • Release: November 17, 2009 (US) and November 20, 2009 (Europe).
  • Platforms: Windows and Xbox 360.
  • Engine: Source.
  • Price: Just check Steam or any local store for the game. It should be rather cheap now
Highlighted Features
  • 5 new campaigns, including Dead Center, Dark Carnival, Swamp Fever, Hard Rain, and The Parish.
  • New game mode: Scavenge! All game modes will be available at launch.
  • 4 new Survivors: Coach, Rochelle, Ellis, and Nick.
  • At least 20 new weapons and items. [Source?]
  • New melee weapons: axe, chainsaw, frying pan, baseball bat, cricket bat, katana, guitar, crowbar, machete, and tonfa.
  • New ranged weapons. Ranged weapons at least include new pistols (including a magnum), SMG, new pump and auto shotgun, grenade launcher, and at least a few new rifles.
  • Some old weapons from Left 4 Dead 1 may be included in the new game.
  • More powerful AI Director 2.0.
  • New Infected types, including at least 3 new SI (e.g. Charger).
  • Some daylight gameplay. At least one campaign occurs at night.
Other Features/Mechanics
  • Will work with community maps made with the L4D1 SDK.
  • A new, more powerful SDK will be included with Left 4 Dead 2. In the new kit, modders will be able to affect the weather, adjust the AID’s behavior, and more.
  • Portal level designer Kim Swift is involved in the level design.
  • Left 4 Dead 1 content may be included in the DVD, so that Xbox players will not have to switch DVDs to play the old content. This might also be true for PC users.
  • Co-op mode, Versus mode, and Survival mode for all maps will be included at launch.
  • Melee fatigue will be included, and may affect Campaign mode.
Left 4 Dead 2 is designed as a much more continuous story than the original game, with more tie-ins between campaigns. The team has expressed a desire to improve the storytelling without adding bulky narrative devices like a deluge of cutscenes. To do this, the Survivors will be round characters—over the course of the campaigns, their personalities and relationships will change. There will be more back-and-forth interactions and running jokes. Some lines or conversations will happen very rarely. Also, each campaign will have a brief introduction cinematic that helps to bridge the gaps.

The campaigns are set in the American Southeast, one week after the original game’s events. In some places, the infection is not as pervasive as in the Northeast, and at the very beginning, Savannah, GA (the location of the first campaign) has not been completely affected yet. The Survivors do not know each other at the beginning. They meet in Savannah and make their way west to New Orleans, LA, where they attempt to reach a military outpost.

The military takes a much greater role in the new storyline. The infection has progressed past the point of CEDA's control, so the military has decided to take more aggressive measures. There will be evidence of "humans turning on humans"viviolent tension between the military and survivors who wish to enter the safe zones. In some places, Survivors may see downed helicopters or uninfected human bodies. This comes in stark contrast to the current L4D, which has a decidedly bleaker outlook with no show of a cohesive defense.

Despite this conflict, Chet has specifically said that Survivors will not be firing at other humans.
Look here for a lineup with nameplates.

A high school defensive coordinator and health teacher with dreams of coaching professional football. During college, Coach was a skilled defensive lineman and intended to go pro until he had a career-ending knee injury. He's from the Savannah, GA area, and is used to dealing with (living) kids and parents. When the zombocalypse broke out, he lamented allowing himself to fall out of shape.

Coach wears a short-sleeved polymer sports polo. Originally, it was yellow and blue, but new gameplay footage shows him wearing purple and gold. He also wears khakis, white wristbands, a chrome whistle, a black belt, black shoes, and black weight-lifting gloves. Coach is overweight, and his rotund model sometimes clips weapon stocks.

Coach’s booming voice is brought to you by Chad Coleman, who plays Denise "Cutty" Wise from the TV series "The Wire". His mildly scornful personality and patronizing voice lines seem to be a reflection of the paternal nature of his job, his interest in sports, and his religious leanings.

A tough-as-nails northerner from Cleveland. After graduating from Cleveland State with a degree in communications, Rochelle pursued a career as an on-air news personality, but only managed to find work as an associate producer/intern. Two months later, after an outbreak hit Atlanta, Rochelle got her big break and was sent to the evacuation center in Savannah to produce her first big segment. If only she’d known that her biggest break would be out to kill her.

Rochelle wears a thin brown over-the-shirt belt and tight blue jeans. In the E3 demo and the teaser trailer, she wore a plain orange shirt, which differed from the rose-colored shirt she wears in the poster art. However, in more recent official screen shots, she can be seen wearing a rose-colored shirt with a Depeche Mode graphic.

Rochelle is voiced by Rochelle Aytes, an actress whose repertoire includes "White Chicks" and "Madea’s Family Reunion". She appears to be strong-willed and can be somewhat indignant.

A smart, fun-loving, beer-loving, goofiness-loving mechanic with Southern flare. After finishing high school in his hometown of Savannah, he spurned thoughts of college, choosing instead to pursue his passion of working on cars. Ellis’ youthful exuberance and carefree nature allow him to remain upbeat even in the direst of situations.

In the most recent versions, Ellis wears a yellow T-shirt with the words "Bull Shifters" on it, plus a gray jumpsuit bottom.

Ellis’ voice actor is Eric Ladin from "Generation Kill", who voices the role with a moderate Southern accent.

A gambler, petty conman, and consummate picaresque in a purportedly expensive white suit. Nick hails from the Midwest, but he’s a vagabond by nature, moving from place to place without settling down. He’s the most cynical and bitter of the Survivors, and is still trying to figure out the best angle on the recent upturn in the brain-eating market. Over time, he begins to trust and value his new compatriots.

Nick is voiced by Hugh Dillon, an actor from "Flashpoint" on CBS. As mentioned earlier, he’s the most cynical and distant of the Survivors.
Left 4 Dead 2 will contain five campaigns. Statements from Valve indicate that each of the campaigns in Left 4 Dead 2 will be longer than those of the original.

1: Dead Center (DCR)
This is the only campaign that lacks gameplay footage and previews; as such, we know the least about it. The campaign has four chapters (like Swamp Fever) and takes place in Savannah, Georgia. It’s the first campaign, chronologically. Based on the map filenames, the chapter names are The Hotel, The Streets, The Mall, and Atrium Finale. (Listen to soundtrack.)

The finale, which takes place in the atrium of a mall, centers on a blue Plymouth Superbird with white racing stripes and the number 22 imprinted on it. The Superbird is the escape vehicle for this campaign, and appears at the beginning of Dark Carnival, parked on the freeway.

Our guess is that the finale of Dead Center will be similar to the Scavenge game type. Survivors may have to find fuel or parts to get the Superbird running.

2: Dark Carnival (DC)
Dark Carnival (see art) was first playable at PAX ‘09 in Seattle. After fleeing Savannah in the first campaign, Survivors hit a traffic jam and are forced to leave the highway. They reach a two-story motel, then make their way to the Whispering Oaks amusement park, where nefarious thrills await. (Listen to soundtrack.)

The first chapter begins on the highway and encompasses the motel and the path to the fairgrounds. Survivors begin right on the highway, where a huge traffic jam has thwarted their escape. They appear to have traveled in a police cruiser taken from a local sheriff’s department.

The second chapter, aptly titled "The Fairgrounds", begins in a small shed outside the main entrance. The early areas of the fairgrounds include concessions like hot dogs and other food stands. Later on, Survivors will make their way through a number of courtyards, and then slide down from the top of a giant slide.

The finale will take place at a large concert stadium at (or near) the amusement park, where a famous rock band had been planning a concert. The Survivors must use the fireworks, lights, and speakers to signal a nearby helicopter. Apparently, stepping up to the microphone will amplify whatever the Survivors say.

3: Swamp Fever (SF)
The third campaign will be a nighttime mission that takes place in a “muddy bayou” somewhere between Savannah and New Orleans. A train wreck forces the Survivors to travel through a bayou—a patchwork of marshes and small rivers. Swamp Fever only has four chapters, but Valve has said that playtesting shows that it takes roughly the same amount of time as a full-sized campaign. The first chapter will be the first starting chapter with a crescendo.

The terrain varies between solid ground and wet marshland with human settlements intertwixed amidst the natural scenery. Muddy swamps dominate the landscape, appearing almost everywhere. The mire is less vegetated, making it easier to spot some Infected, but some other Infected (namely, Mud Men) may be harder to spot. Moving through the mud also slows Survivors and Infected slightly.

Another area features groves of trees on damp ground mixed with some deeper swampland. In these areas, special rewards can be found by looking for landmarks. For instance, a pilot dangling from a tree by his parachute could mean that supplies can be found below.

Elsewhere, players will encounter a crashed plane. The right-side overwing exit door must be opened to pass it. Opening the door triggers a traditional crescendo event.

Along the way, players will encounter a crashed plane. The right-side overwing exit door must be opened to pass it. Opening the door triggers a traditional crescendo event.

The finale, done in the style of the original, takes place at a giant plantation house, where Survivors await rescue by a fishing boat. The first floor balcony of the plantation house will feature a new kind of mounted gun that does not overheat, but has limited ammunition. We don’t know if this gun is distinct from the M2HB found near the end of The Parish.

The AI Director will have a big role in this area. Many paths will be randomized (or at least procedurally controlled) instead of being predetermined. Also, the area will have dynamic weather conditions controlled by the AI Director. Chet has mentioned in a number of interviews that the AID can suddenly create heavy rain conditions, limiting visibility, similar to the cornfields of BH5. Survivors will not be able to see each others’ outlines in the rain.

4: Hard Rain (HR)
This campaign, along with Dead Center, was one of the last to be released. Hard Rain, which occurs between the events of Swamp Fever and The Parish, takes place in a small town on the Mississippi River. The fishing boat that the Survivors encounted at the end of Swamp Fever has run low on fuel, and the Survivors must go inland to find more before they can continue with their journey to New Orleans.

Like Swamp Fever, this campaign should have procedural weather effects controlled by the AI Director. As Survivors make their way inland, the amount of rain they encounter is related to how well they are doing as a team. When Survivors are doing poorly, the rain may be a mere annoyance, but when Survivors are excelling, the downpour can be torrential. At certain points, the AID can trigger a series of hordes whose appearance coincides with a nasty flash rainstorm, testing the Survivors’ ability to cohere amidst the stormy chaos.

Survivors must first make their way through the town, then further inland through a sugar mill which has attracted a large concentration of Witches. After passing through a Blood Harvest-esque field, they reach the gas station, and then have to trek back through the same terrain, but this time, in a torrential rainstorm.

Upon reaching the coast, the Survivors must light a neon sign at a local Burger Tank to signal for rescue.

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5: The Parish (TP)
The final campaign in the main story sequence. Set in New Orleans, LA, it features daytime gameplay and a primarily urban setting. The goal of the map is to battle through various parts of the city to reach a military outpost. Gameplay footage reveals building-to-building fighting amongst narrow streets and other urban locations.

Chapter I: The Waterfront
This short chapter starts on a dock on the Mississippi River and moves inland to a safe room in a nearby house after passing through some streets.

Chapter II: The Park
The second chapter starts on Decatur Street. The Survivors battle into Jackson Square, then move into a CEDA quarantine with a maze of chain-link fences. This is a rolling crescendo where Survivors must reach a security tower in the middle. After deactivating the alarm, they go through a bus station, then move into the safe room.

Chapter III: The Cemetery
In another chapter, players will encounter a cemetery. This may or may not be part of a crescendo. The placement of the above-ground crypts can be changed by the AI Director.

Chapter V: Bridge Finale
In this finale, Survivors must cross a double-decker truss bridge to get to a CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter waiting on the other side. The bridge is about to be bombed by the military, but the Survivors convince them to wait. This bridge has a vertical lift span in the middle (like a drawbridge for boats) that must be lowered to allow the Survivors to pass. To reach the other side, the Survivors must battle through and over abandoned vehicles, avoiding falling off the edge and into large holes that pock the deck. As they move along, the military will bomb parts of the bridge behind them, so that there is no going back.

Unknown Chapters
After going through a residential area, they take a sewer and, upon exiting, they reach a car impound lot where all the cars have alarms. This lot is underneath a raised expressway.

Another time, the Survivors reach a housing area with a parade float. To reach the safe room, which is in a second-story apartment, they must activate the float to bring a raised platform over. This appears to be a normal crescendo.

Other Campaigns
Very few details are available about other campaigns right now, but there are five, total.

The first campaign is set in Savannah, GA. The Survivors will meet for the first time at the beginning of the campaign (possibly during the cinematic) in front of a mall. This will lead into the first chapter. At least at the very beginning of this campaign, the city is mostly uninfected.

A concept image from OXM shows zombies walking around a dilapidated trailer park.
Melee Weapons
At least ten melee weapons will be included in Left 4 Dead 2, though not all of them have appeared in gameplay footage yet. All melee weapons have the ability to kill mainline Special Infected with one hit, but Chet has said that each weapon has unique strengths and weaknesses. Melee weapon mechanics are only partially understood. Melee weapons can kill Common Infected in one hit, but it appears that only Infected directly in front of the Survivor are killed, while those on the periphery are just knocked back. We don’t know if the weapons kill by doing numerical damage or if there is a death trigger of some sort. Bashing is possible when holding melee weapons, but melee fatigue applies. There is no fatigue for regular strikes with a melee weapon, and melee weapons do not degrade over time, though they superficially appear to get scratched and bloodied. Flashlights may be used with melee weapons.

All melee weapons are stored in the sidearm inventory slot, and thus replace pistols when picked up. Originally, melee weapons were carried like large explosives and would drop when a player became disabled or switched to a ranged weapon.

When using melee weapons (and explosives/incendiaries), the reticule changes from the normal four-line dynamic crosshair to a thin white static crosshair. If you’ve played Team Fortress 2, the melee weapon crosshair is the same as the one for the Ambassador.

The Fire Axe
The fire axe is the most extensively covered melee weapon so far. It’s a short red axe often used by firefighters. Survivors primarily swing it in a horizontal cutting motion, but they will occasionally also swing it vertically. This downwards slice can one-hit some Special Infected. The axe will be able to crown a Witch if used properly.

The axe has a cleaving (AOE) effect that can be quite devastating. It appears that all Common Infected caught in the effective arc are killed, at least on Normal and Easy difficulties. It also deals location damage, meaning that it can affect specific subset areas of the body, much like how Level 2 weapons can shear off extremities. The axe can deal friendly fire damage, but the limitations of this are not clear.

The axe model changes over time. It may be picked up new, but then it starts getting scraped. Blood appears on the blade and handle. The axe can be found in various places in the environment.

In the Gamespy footage of Swamp Fever, the axe appears to have a dull metallic finish, but it is actually the same axe as the one seen in The Parish. Looking closely, you can see that it clips the gray-brown floor, causing this illusion.

The Pan
The cast-iron pan’s most notable feature is the KAPWANG sound it makes when used; Chet has said he set this to his ringtone. Its normal attack animation is a right-top to left-bottom cross-body swing. Like the axe, the cast iron pan also has a cleaving attack and a one-hit kill against Special Infected, which is animated as an uppercut swing, but this is unlikely to crown Witches. The cleaving attack seems to be slightly different from the axe's. Common Infected close to the center of the swing are killed and knocked back, but those on the periphery appear to just be knocked back. They probably sustain some damage (but not lethal damage).

The pan can be found in The Docks chapter on a range in a commercial kitchen. It also becomes bloody after it has killed a number of Infected.

The Chainsaw
There will be a chainsaw manufactured by Saxton Hale's world-famous Mann Co. Little additional information is available.

The Baseball Bat
Very little information exists about the baseball bat. Based on screenshots, it appears to be wooden. The bat will also be able to hit and kill multiple Infected.

The Cricket Bat
The cricket bat was announced by IGN in early July, making it the fifth known melee weapon. It was considered to be a hoax by some, but the bat, which appears to be partially painted yellow, can be seen in use in a recent Swamp Fever video.

The Katana
You must have big rats if you need Chet Faliszek's steel. The sword is wielded by Survivors raised above the right shoulder, and its standard animation is a horizontal slash that can sometimes cause bodily division.

The Electric Guitar
First seen at PAX ‘09, this melee weapon is a rounded solid-body, double-cutaway, twin-humbucker electric guitar. While we haven’t seen much footage of the guitar being used, it is likely wielded by the neck and swung like an axe. Chet has said that guitars will be very appropriate for the finale of Dark Carnival.

Pete Townshend, eat your heart out!

The Crowbar
Gordon's looking for that.

The Machete
The machete, which has been seen in gameplay videos and in the pre-release demo, is a slashing weapon that appears most similar to the katana. It can sever limbs quite easily.

The Police Baton
The police baton is a bludgeoning weapon with a very low swing arc. The security guard UCI often drop these when killed. We don’t know if the tonfa will be available in any campaigns except The Parish.
Ranged Weapons
Left 4 Dead 2 features a much wider selection of weapons for the discerning zombicidal maniac. This increases the level of complication, as there may be multiple versions of each type of weapon within a tier. For instance, there are three different types of fully automatic assault rifles, each with different characteristics. To complicate matters further, weapons will not always appear in sets. Sometimes, powerful weapons will be scattered throughout the level.

In addition to new weapons, L4D2 will feature new ammunition types and weapon upgrades, like laser sights. While we know very little about the laser sight thus far, it seems to be able to increase the precision of your weapon.

Submachine Gun
Instead of the Uzi, the new game features a sound-suppressed MAC-10. The suppressor makes no difference to the gameplay; it’s only for stylistic purposes. Based on gameplay footage, the MAC-10 appears to be similar to the Uzi, with a similar firing rate and the same clip size. While it originally had the same total ammo capacity as the Uzi, new footage shows that it has a maximum reserve of 650 rounds, bringing its total capacity to 700, a 32% increase from the Uzi. Some accounts report that the MAC-10 has slightly lower damage, but a tighter spread. The real MAC-10 has an appearance similar to the Uzi due to its stamped metal manufacturing process. Survivors hold the MAC-10 with both hands.

5.56mm Assault Rifle
Valve will be adding the FN SCAR assault rifle, a Belgian-manufactured rifle currently being tested by the U.S. military in limited quantities. The distinctive ridges visible on the front of the rifle are Picatinny rails, which are standardized brackets used for mounting accessories like scopes, lights, and handles.

An inscription on the left side of the receiver says "MK 17 MOD 3?, though we’re not quite sure this is accurate. The inscription also says "5.56mm" (see high-res), but the MK 17 (SCAR-H) is a 7.62mm rifle. A "MOD 3? version may not exist. This weapon is most likely a MK 16 (SCAR-L) 5.56mm rifle with a Std barrel, since this would be the closest equivalent to an M16A2. The rifle has a flashlight on the left side, attached by black zip ties. The flashlight’s cable extends to the right side of the rifle.

The SCAR differs from the M16A2 at least by clip size: the SCAR can hold 60 rounds. It also shoots in three-round bursts.

7.62mm Assault Rifle
The indomitable AK-47 rifle is visible in new videos of Swamp Fever. The AK-47 has 40 rounds of ammunition per clip. We don’t know yet what the maximum carrying capacity is, but it appears to be similar to the M16’s capacity of 410 rounds. The reload cycle also seems to be similar to the M16’s.

Sniper Rifle
There is a new semi-automatic, scoped rifle, the HK41SG1. Instead of a 15-round clip, the HK41 features a 30-round clip. Otherwise, it appears to be similar to the Ruger Mini-14, and can still one-shot Common Infected. The sight picture of the telescopic scope also appears to be the same.

This rifle may not actually be the H&K HK41SG1. It is definitely a CETME-based Heckler & Koch rifle with iron sights and a SG-style stock. This means that it could be an HK41, G41, G3 (especially a G3SG1), HK33, etc. We believe it is closest to the 5.56mm HK41SG1 with a modified stock.

Auto Shotgun
The iconic M4 Super 90 has been replaced with the equally iconic SPAS-12 automatic shotgun. When reloading the shotgun, one can see the left side of the receiver, which includes the inscriptions "PEACH-12", "TACTICAL", and "Made in USA", along with some serial numbers.

The SPAS-12 makes a different sound than the M4, but it isn’t clear if there is a mechanical difference between the two. Both weapons have similar capacities and both fire 12-gauge ammunition. One game preview suggested that the SPAS-12 fires more slowly than the M4, but this has not been verified.

Pump-action Shotgun
This new pump shotgun, named the "Chrome Shotgun" in-game, has a white or matte metal finish, railed barrel, bead sight, and a black stock. On first glance, it looks like the Mossberg 500 Marinecote, but it does not have an exposed dorsal safety button on the back of the receiver. Also, Mossberg does not make railed barrels for the 500. Other than these discrepancies, the gun is a good match, and we haven’t been able to find a better alternative.

The finish appears to be somewhat faded, indicating wear on the weapon or perhaps that the shotgun has a third-party finish. "Police Tactical 12" is inscribed on the side.

Grenade Launcher
The single-shot, breech-loading M79 grenade launcher has caused quite a stir after being mentioned in a Shacknews article.

The grenade launcher must be reloaded after every shot; it has a 30-round reserve. While its capacity is low, the explosion can kill multiple zombies, though it doesn’t appear to be as powerful as the pipe bomb.

The M79 reloads differently than all other weapons, since the shells must be loaded into the breech (the back of the barrel). Because of its small size, it is fully visible when bashing.

So far, we’ve only seen the grenade launcher at random spawn points through the map, not at full-scale ammo caches.

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In Left 4 Dead 2, there are at least two different kinds of sidearms: the SIG Sauer P220 and a Glock, probably either a 17 or 21. The P220 appears to always be held in the right hand, while the Glock 17 is held in the left hand after a second pistol is picked up. Both pistols can be held akimbo.

Desert Eagle
For the discerning gentleman who requires more compensation than .45 ACP allows, Left 4 Dead 2 will provide an alternative: the iconic Desert Eagle .50-caliber gas-operated pistol.

The magnum pistol will replace the conventional pistols when picked up. It has a magazine size of 8 rounds and cannot be dual-wielded. It can, however, be fitted with a laser sight.

Heavy Machine Gun
The CVG videos of the finale include a glimpse of a new type of fixed emplacement with a single-barrel, high-caliber "heavy machine gun". Only the barrel of the gun is visible, but it appears to be long and thin, possibly matching the .50-caliber Browning M2HB machine gun. Another possibility is the .30-06 M1919 Browning. The machine gun is mounted on the back of what appears to be a 5-ton truck, maybe a M939. The truck can be found on the upper level of the bridge, past a slanted, fallen section and a Humvee. A tooltip suggests using the weapon when Survivors pass it.

While it has the same purpose as the minigun, the new heavy machine gun appears to be much more accurate, with a tighter spread (but lower rate of fire). In OXM, they say the gun is powerful enough to cut zombies in half.
An IGN article mentions that the heavy machine gun will have limited ammunition.

Left 4 Dead 1 Weapons
IGN and Gamespy footage shows the Survivors using weapons from Left 4 Dead 1. From the Tier 2, we’ve seen the M16A1/2, Benelli M4 Super 90. The Ruger Mini-14 is also there, but it appears to have been demoted to Tier 1, since it appears with the Uzi and the pump shotgun.

We still haven’t seen L4D1’s sidearms, the M1911s. There is a chance that they did not make it into the game, since the Survivors are carrying SIG Sauer P220s along with the L4D1 weapons.

IGN footage of the finale shows the Survivors carrying the new weapons. This makes it unclear if the Tier 1 weapons are included in the Gamespy footage because of a change in the game engine or if both sets are available in a given chapter.

Incendiary Ammo
After picking up incendiary ammunition from a special stockpile, any Infected you hit with your bullets will ignite. When using a shotgun, each individual pellets can set zombies on fire, and the bullets/pellets seem to obey normal penetration rules. While your gun still has the incendiary effect, your tracers appear red.

Incendiary ammunition appears to work on all Infected except the ones wearing hazmat suits, who are immune to all fire. While incendiary bullets can set Tanks on fire, the effect is not persistent like fire caused by Molotovs or gas cans. The fire effect only lasts on the Tank for 5-10 seconds.

More technically, incendiary ammo is an ammunition modifier instead of true ammunition. After picking it up, the next fixed number of rounds you fire from your primary weapon (and only your primary weapon) will set Infected on fire. Reloading does not affect the number of incendiary rounds left. It appears that the number of incendiary rounds you receive is based on the maximum size of your magazine. It also appears that incendiary ammo does not increase the total number of bullets you have. Rather, as aforementioned, it modifies your existing ammo. However, if you are completely out of ammunition, it may give you a single clip.

After accessing the incendiary ammo pile, Survivors automatically reload. The primary weapon slot of the inventory bar changes to include a flame icon and the number of incendiary rounds left. Reloading after some rounds have been fired does not change this number. Once the incendiary rounds are expended, it returns to the normal ammunition counter.

Explosive Ammo
Exploding ammo is similar to incendiary ammunition in a lot of ways. Picking it up infuses one clip so that each bullet explodes on impact. The item bar changes to reflect the new ammunition type.

The special bonus only affects the first target hit, but the effect the round has on that Infected is quite impressive. When this ammunition hits the main Special Infected, it knocks them back, much like a melee bash would. Against Tanks, this ammunition is deadly—even deadlier than incendiary ammo. While it doesn’t knock Tanks back, it does an extremely high amount of damage per shot, so that one clip of a rifle may be enough to kill one on Normal difficulty.

Unfortuantely, explosive ammo is less effective with the shotgun than expected. When any shotgun is loaded with explosive ammunition, the rounds behave like slugs instead of buckshot, so that only one pellet is released per shell.

New Supplies
The defibrillator, which was originally thought to be a hoax, allows Survivors to bring deceased teammates back from the dead. The device operates much like a first aid kit, requiring a channeling period when used. The defibrillator has a single charge that is exhausted when it is used to revive a Survivor. The Survivor is given 50 stable HP.

So far, we’ve seen the defibrillator in a number of gameplay videos, as well as the pre-release demo. Survivors can bash with the defibrillator equipped, but the defibrillator itself cannot be used as a weapon.

Laser Sight
First seen in Dark Carnival, the laser sight is the first of its kind: it’s an upgrade that can be directly applied to your primary weapon. The laser sight’s most obvious effect is, of course, the red laser beam that emanates from the front of your primary weapon. This is rather superficial; the real benefit of the laser sight is a marked improvement in accuracy, both when firing and when moving.

This image compares an AK-47’s crosshair diameter when moving, with and without a laser sight. The difference is rather astounding.

Boomer Bile Bomb
This new type of throwable item was originally rumored based on the released achievement list. The bomb, which is now available in the pre-release demo, contains samples of Boomer bile collected by CEDA scientists. The label on the container reads "Boomer" Excrete. It can be found in various places, and it appears, based on the achievements, that it may be dropped by hazmat UCI when they are killed.

The bomb is used much like a Molotov. When it hits Special Infected, it bathes them in a healthy dose of Boomer bile, attracting hordes of Common Infected that then inundate and attack that Special Infected. This makes the bomb very effective against Tanks, who are slowed significantly by the bewildered swarm of zombies. The “Septic Tank” achievement can be earned by doing this.

Adrenaline, which is needle-like device that looks similar to an EpiPen, is stored in the pill bottle slot (and replaces pills if picked up). Adrenaline gives Survivors 25 temporary HP and speeds up almost all actions—running, changing weapons, bashing, defibrillating, reviving incapacitated Survivors, and so on. The movement speed boost is large enough that Survivors can outrun Common Infected; also, Survivors aren’t slowed when hit by their melee attacks.

Ammo Packs
Ammo packs, which take the first aid kit slot, were originally thought to contain extra ammunition for primary weapons. Recent magazine articles now suggest that the ammo packs will contain alternative ammunition (incendiary or explosive). The recently released achievements suggest that these packs can be dropped for other Survivors to use, as well. ^Top

Many of the explosives and incendiaries from Left 4 Dead have returned in the sequel. Gameplay videos, especially those that include the first safe room, show that at least gas cans, propane tanks, Molotov cocktails, and pipe bombs have returned. They appear to have the same models and textures as before.

We can expect at least one more type of belt bomb (e.g. pipe bombs) in the future.
Gibbing: Gory Goodness
The gore system in Left 4 Dead 2 has been completely revamped to be much more visceral. In Left 4 Dead, you can destroy or dismember a complete arm, leg, or head. Body shots resulted in a bloody spot. In Left 4 Dead 2, location damage is much more complex. You can blast away just a part of the head, punch holes to reveal bowels, or hit more…vital locations. Some shots can blow away significant portions of the chest.

While much of this is superficial, it subtly changes gameplay. Unlike before, shearing a limb off may not kill a zombie immediately. It will die soon, but it may have enough time to attack you a few times before it collapses. Chet called this "gibbing" and had this to say: "You can shoot off a chunk of his stomach, you can shoot off an arm—you can have a guy with both arms shot off still running at you. He’s going to die soon, but he’s got a little momentum."

Gibbing will affect Special Infected to some degree. For instance, since Tanks do not have an external HP meter, Survivors may be able to determine roughly how much damage he has sustained by looking at how much gibbing has taken place.

Pipe bombs no longer simply vaporize Common Infected. Instead, they turn the zombies into ragdolls, expelling them dramatically. Some zombies will remain whole while others may be torn asunder. See an animation here. There will also be more significant blood splattering effects. Certain kills will cover nearby Survivors in blood, which sometimes lingers on them.
Common Infected
Common Infected similar to those in the first game will populate the game, with some differences. Superficially, the clothing the zombies wear has changed to be more in line with Southern sensibilities. In addition, zombies may now have a range of different skin tones and sport new glowing eyes. Chet has said that Common Infected will not be able to see as far in daylight.

On the less superficial side, Common Infected will now be more numerous. In Left 4 Dead, the average number of zombie deaths over the course of a co-op campaign might have been somewhere around 1000. In Left 4 Dead 2, the average body count will be closer to 2000. This is both due to higher densities and longer campaigns.

Common Infected will also be harder to kill. The "gibbing" mechanic mentioned earlier is an example of this. It’s not clear what other game mechanics will affect CI hardiness.

Uncommon Common Infected
A new type of Infected, called Uncommon Common Infected (UCI), will be mixed in with Common Infected. These UCI each have a special perk or ability, but will deal the same damage as Common Infected. Each campaign will have at least one type of UCI, and some UCI may be unique to one campaign. UCI are (most likely) not playable in any game mode.

Hazmat Zombies
"Hazmat" zombies are unique to The Parish and wear environmental suits that make them immune to all incendiary attacks (e.g. Molotovs and incendiary bullets). They can be white, yellow, or green. These zombies were formerly CEDA agents involved in the containment and evacuation operation, but the suits failed to protect them from the infection for some reason. Chet has said that there will be one area "full" of them.

Mud Men
The second revealed UCI type is Mud Men, who are unique to Swamp Fever. They crawl around on all fours, usually preferring to hide in the waist-deep murk of the swamps. This makes them extremely difficult to spot when traversing the mire. When Mud Men hit players, they cause the players’ vision to be obscured by mud, resulting in an effect similar to Boomer bile.

Bulletproof Zombies
The Parish will have a second type of UCI who wear kevlar and riot gear, making them bulletproof from the front. Apparently, these Infected were part of a private security force who tried to defend against the undead onslaught but found themselves overwhelmed while still wearing their equipment. They will be susceptible to bashing and any attacks from behind, but we don’t know if they are susceptible to melee attacks, explosives, or incendiary ammo (from the front).

Zombie Clowns
If you’re not one of the 20% of adults who already has coulrophobia, you’ll be joining their ranks soon. The clown, a fitting addition for Dark Carnival, has the unique power of squeaky shoes that attract other Infected. This can potentially lead to numerous mini-hordes throughout the campaign if he’s allowed to run around unchecked. We don’t know if killing him will cause the other Infected to cease charging.

Construction Workers
Hard Rain’s UCI will be construction workers, who wear protective earcups that make pipe bombs ineffective against them, since they cannot hear them. While this does not seem to be a major hindrance, hordes of these UCI may catch groups overly reliant on explosives off-guard.

Special Infected
The original five Special Infected—Boomers, Hunters, Smokers, Tanks, and Witches—all make an appearance in the existing gameplay videos, and will be retained in Left 4 Dead 2. At least the Hunter, Smoker, and Boomer have some new sounds, although we don’t know how much of their repertoire has been re-recorded. Some SI will also have new skins. For instance, the Tank has been reskinned to be bald. Doug has said that the Hunter model will change, since hoodies are less common in the warm South.

Most of the original Special Infected have been reskinned. The Tank has been reskinned to be bald. The new male boomer is more detailed and a whole lot uglier. (Thanks to HTML_Earth for the picture.) The updated Hunter model has shorts, shorter sleeves, and no shoes, which reveal corrupted skin and a gray underclothing. It also has a more menacing-looking head. The new Smoker sprouted a tentacle on the back of his head, plus a shorter shirt and much more bulgy undead greebles.
In a rather unexpected move, Valve has added a female version of the Boomer! The female Boomer has blonde hair and a similar body type. We don’t know how commonly she spawns, if a single chapter (or game) always has the same gender of Boomer, or if there can be a mixture. We also don’t know if other Special Infected will receive gender makeovers.

Wandering Witch
The Witch will behave differently during daytime. Instead of sitting, she will stand and wander around, making her much more difficult to crown. She may also turn around randomly. This has led some to call her the "Wandering Witch". There are some indications that the warning signs for the Witch will also be less perceptible in the daytime. It appears that she doesn’t startle much easier (if at all easier) when standing.

Gameplay footage shows the Witch sitting down in daylight. This might be due to her position in the shade or because she got lazy.

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The Charger
The Charger has been described as a "one-armed ram on Crystal Meth". Extreme speed is the Charger’s main strength. He is designed to defeat camping tactics by rushing Survivors who have packed themselves into a tight group. After preparing his charging attack (much like a Hunter prepares a pounce), he can rush Survivors like a bull, knocking them over in a line. The Charger picks up the last person he encounters, slamming him against the ground repeatedly (and disabling him). He appears to be able to scale walls very quickly, though his pathing is still buggy.

The Charger is a sort of half-Tank. While not quite as hulking as a Tank, he has an enlarged torso and right arm and an abnormally shaped head. His left arm is shriveled and hangs oddly off the side of his hunched back. He wears a pair of overalls that have slightly burst due to his malformations. Here’s a view from the back.

Some sources say the Charger has 500 HP, but based on gameplay footage, he may be able to absorb up to 1500 HP from the front (on Normal), possibly due to location-specific damage mitigation (armor). He is immune to bashing. While his charge can hit multiple Survivors, his slamming attack does not appear to have any AOE or cleaving effects. The Charger is primarily designed to disperse Survivors and defeat camping tactics, and as such, he’s weaker against Survivors who are spread out. He also has trouble turning (and possibly stopping), and it may be possible to dodge him or trick him into falling off a precipice.

Both the Charger’s slam and knock-back deal damage. Based on one video, the slam seems to do incrementally more damage with each successive hit. On Normal mode, the initial slam does 10 damage, but then the second one does 15 damage. We’re not sure how much damage the knock-back does, but it may be around 10, and it’s possible that it can throw Survivors almost as far as a Tank. However, more gameplay footage is needed before we can confirm this.

The Charger has a distinct long, medium-pitched bellow, but some accounts claim that he has few obvious warning signs, so he may surprise the group from its flanks. The Charger can spawn multiple times per chapter, and can spawn at the same time as a Tank. He is already playable in Versus, and will be added to the standard lineup. It’s not clear how often he will spawn or if multiple Chargers can exist simultaneously.

The Spitter
The second new Special Infected released by Valve is the aptly named Spitter, who makes the Witch look like Keira Knightley. The main purpose of the Spitter is to force Survivors to move out of tight spaces or to take damage when they are unable to move. Her main attack lobs a glob of noxious acid at Survivors. Upon hitting the ground, it creates a large area within which Survivors take significant damage over time. The acid lasts about 8 seconds; it appears that the damage dealt per second increases towards the end of this period. Currently, it seems her attack cycle timing is similar to the Smoker’s. There are differing reports about what happens when her spit hits a Survivor before touching the ground. Some claim that it does damage on impact, while some footage indicates that contact with the spit glob does no damage.

The aesthetics (or lack thereof) of the Spitter and her attack have changed multiple times throughout development. As of PAX ‘09 (September), the Spitter looks as ugly as ever. Her mouth drips a constant stream of green acid, which is especially evident when she is moving.

She lobs a small orb of green acid (which also leaves a trail behind it) that splatters into a violently effervescent green puddle. The puddle spreads in a manner similar to fire from a Molotov.

Originally, the Spitter was much thinner and lobbed a non-trailing glob of green acid that would spread into a yellow surface mist which would soon turn red. Later, the Spitter’s attack took the form of a red ray of light, and upon hitting theg round, the surface mist also emitted a tall cloud of orange smoke.

The Jockey
This is quite possibly the most sadistic Special Infected to date. The role of the Jockey is to create mayhem and wreak undying havoc on stragglers by jumping onto Survivors’ backs and steering them around, much like its namesake. This allows the Jockey to steer them into Witches, back towards the start, over cliffs, into women’s bathrooms, and so on. The Jockey leaps around, much like a frog. Once it encounters a Survivor, it jumps on his back and starts to steer him. Survivors who are disabled are unable to attack. They have very slight control, but the Jockey will have the lion’s share of control over movement. Other Survivors can knock him off with a bash or by shooting him. We don’t know if Survivors take friendly fire damage while disabled.

The Jockey has a "telltale snicker" that announces his presence. He also makes a maniacal laughing sound when attached to Survivors. This GameTrailers video has good footage of him in action.
Scavenge Game Mode
Scavenge is the new game mode that will ship with Left 4 Dead 2, and is designed to sate those who think Versus is too slow; those who want their carnage fast and dirty. In Scavenge, a competitive game mode, Survivors must collect sixteen gas cans that are scattered about the level. These gas cans are used to fill up an objective in the middle of the level—in the Motel map, Survivors must fill a generator; in the mall map, they must fill the Plymouth Sunbird escape vehicle. The Infected team’s goal is, of course, to make their lives an epic maelstrom of perilous, blood-curdling horror. Each full match of Scavenge includes three rounds. Within each round, each team plays both sides once. The Survivors in each sub-round begin in a safe area, which contains various supplies. After 45 seconds (or after someone leaves the area), the sub-round begins. Gas cans, which are identified with a white outline, must be carried to the objective. If they fall on the ground, they are vulnerable to gunfire and Spitter goo. If a gas can is destroyed, it will respawn. Once Survivors reach the objective, they may pour in the gas, but the action takes time to complete and will be interrupted if the Survivor is hit by an Infected.

Each time the central objective is filled, the Survivor team gains one point and twenty seconds of time. The sub-round ends when time runs out or the Survivors are wiped out. We don’t know if there are any other end conditions, but we believe that the objective can only be filled 16 times per sub-round, limiting the maximum game time. If time runs out while a Survivor is still holding a gas can, the sub-round enters overtime, which ends as soon as no Survivors are holding gas cans.

At the end of the three rounds, the team with the most total points wins. In the event of a tie, the team that fueled the fastest wins. In the event the times are tied, both teams win 100 internets.

Realism Game Mode
This mode, which Chet says is aimed at extremely hardcore players who find Expert too easy, can be selected on the lobby screen. It is a distinct gameplay mode from Campaign Mode (though it uses the same maps), and can be combined with any difficulty level.

The main difference between Realism Mode and Campaign Mode is that many of the crutches used to make gameplay more streamlined have been removed. For instance, most haloshave been removed. This makes precise communication much more important, since Survivors can get separated very easily when they can no longer rely on halos to find their comrades. Halos have also been removed from Special Infected when they pounce or drag Survivors.

Halos have also been largely removed from items, making careful exploration more important. The halos only appear when Survivors are within a couple feet of an item.

Damage has also been modified for Realism Mode. Bullets that hit Infected bodies are much less effective, making headshots a necessity. We don’t know the exact extent of the changes in damage, however. Based on gameplay, Survival mode may also cause Witches to kill Survivors instantly (instead of incapacitating them on easier difficulties), but otherwise, Realism Mode doesn’t appear to alter the health mechanics of each difficulty level.

Doug has said that first aid kits will not always be available in safe rooms. For instance, it appears that health kits are not in the first safe room in The Parish. Placing them outside (e.g. in ambulances) is meant to encourage more strategic play. Chet has mentioned that Survivors may be able to "double up" on incapacitated teammates to revive them faster.

Look here.

Daytime Play
All known parts of The Parish will be played during daylight, specifically in the dawn hours. Doug Lombardi noted that the sky in many parts of the South have a distinct orange hue, especially during dawn. The team has added effects to simulate this. The decision to include daytime play was partly in an effort to increase gameplay variation.

AI Director
The original AI Director was a heuristic script that changed item/Infected spawn locations and music to vary the intensity of the game. In Left 4 Dead 2, the new-and-improved AI Director 2.0 will have even more control. In addition to spawning and music, the AID2 will be able to control weather conditions and even the physical layout of some parts of the map. By rearranging obstacles, it can make effecting escape more difficult for Survivors doing well and easier for Survivors on the Xbox.

Currently, the objects and locations we know the AID can rearrange are the hedges in the garden maze (Jackson Square in The Parish 2), the crypts of the cemetery, the cars in the impound lot, and the cars and bombing holes in <em>The Parish</em> finale. In Swamp Fever, the AID can control which areas of boardwalk will break underfoot. We don’t know if the AID picks from pre-fabricated routes or if it has a pseudorandom algorithm for arranging them.

The AID2 can also control weather and other effects to completely customize the experience. This is especially true for the third campaign, which takes place in a marsh-like area. A lot of the map will be relatively open, so to make things more difficult, the Director can suddenly bring a harsh downpour that severely limits visibility, making it almost impossible to spot Infected and even teammates. Outlines won’t appear in the rain. According to Chet, "We’re giving it control over the weather now. Now you go from [a sunny day] to holy crap man, I can’t see anyone around me. It’s like the Blood Harvest cornfield, right."

Valve has added a two-objective crescendo, which we will call the "rolling crescendo". In this, Survivors start the crescendo event at one end of an area, but must blast and bash their way through obstacles to get to the other side of the area to turn off whatever is bringing the hordes. In The Parish 2, the CEDA muster area is the first known example of a rolling crescendo. Survivors must reach a tower to turn off an alarm to stop the hordes and the open the doors to the next area.

This is designed to thwart any camping or stacking strategies. Chet has specifically said that the highest priority for the L4D2 team thus far has been counteracting camping, saying that it "sucks that the best way to play the game isn’t the funnest." New crescendos are one way of dealing with this.

Another new type of crescendo-like event occurs at the impound lot. Practically every car in this lot has an active alarm, making it an extremely precarious place to be. While it doesn’t appear that there is any particular trigger in this case, the impound lot can suddenly become more intense than a crescendo with a few stray bullets.

It appears that the original style of crescendo will still be included in the game. The part of The Parish that involves the float is an example.
Superficial Changes
  • New main menu and load screens (from the PC demo).
  • The Parish, there is a jukebox in a restaurant that plays various songs, including the Portal theme song!
  • Left 4 Dead 2 achievements will unlock avatar awards on the XBox 360. For instance, saving Gnome Chomsky will unlock a Depeche Mode shirt for the player’s avatar.
  • Some of the gun animations have been redone for increased realism—for instance, the FN SCAR’s bolt now slides realistically when the gun is fired.
  • Other Special Infected now have tags over their heads identifying their type.
  • The spawn message in Versus mode has been moved lower to avoid obstructing one’s view.
  • Each campaign gets its own introductory movie. Chet has said that the team is "moving away" from this, which may mean that the movies will be short, or perhaps will be removed entirely.
  • Each campaign will have a unique musical score, since the South has many musically distinct regions.
  • Overall weapon model and texture quality have been improved. For instance, flashlights are now either integral or attached by plastic ties instead of magically sticking.
  • Improved fire effects.
  • New tooltips, e.g. "Deactivate the alarm to open the exit doors."
  • More stylized HP bars with gradients. Temporary HP may appear as a patchy bar instead of a hatched one. This might be a temporary texture used in the alpha version rather than the intended texture.
  • More stylized channeling bar (e.g. healing).
  • New HUD style for dead Survivors.
  • New load screen and main menu screen. Note that these are from the X360 version.
  • Some wall scribblings about “carriers” may suggest that the Survivors are carriers. It also may hint at the underlying lore of the games.
  • Early reports had indicated that a bolt-action carbine might be added as a Tier 1 weapon, but it is possible that Valve decided to change the Ruger Mini-14 to fit this role.
  • Alarm-bearing cars don’t seem to chirp anymore. When they are activated, the windows appear to break/vanish.
  • At 2:26 in the 6-minute footage, the pistol appears to fire slowly at a uniform rate. Could this be a change allowing players to hold down the trigger?
  • The hunting rifle may have been buffed to increase its accuracy while moving and decrease its crosshair recovery time.
  • According to word-of-mouth claims, the fourth chapter may be called "The Condos".
  • Also according to word-of-mouth claims, the AI Director may be able to change the writing on the walls. The writing may read "Don't worry, it'll get harder" when Survivors are doing well and "Having fun?" when Survivors are getting thrashed.
  • Incapacitated Survivors are shown "warped" to the boat when the standing Survivors reach it, leading to the possibility that incapped Survivors may count as having escaped. This is based on an image of the Swamp Fever finale from an IGN video. However, this could be a game engine bug.
  • When Tanks hit Survivors with cars, it may not guarantee incapacitation, based on the IGN Bridge Run video. This may also be a bug.

Acknowledgments and Thanks!
  • FuzzDad, for a huge number of things! Thanks for watching over us!
  • Carne for a ton of things, including PC Gamer UK info, the Wandering Witch image, and Survivor ages.
  • Zebra One for awesome coverage of PC Gamer US.
  • KeRupTion for numerous things!
  • spikeyroxas for his enthusiastic help!
  • Killuminati91 for noticing the FN Scar and pipebomb explosions.
  • sunrise for confirming the FN Scar with the link.
  • Useless Fool for suggesting melee weapon dynamics, though they were already posted
  • derFeef for UCI information.
  • BenKYS for the sniper rifle pics (though I had my own at the time)
  • Killroyomega for the float stuff.
  • warthog for the clip of Gob from Arrested Development.
  • RosietheRiveter for numerous links to info.
  • Right 4 Alive for OXM info.
  • thisiselliz for fourth Infected possibility.
  • [MARINE]SBD for suggesting update notation.
  • hegele for the system specs info.
  • lerlerson for OXM information and noticing I forgot something!
  • Hasperon for noticing some technical errors with weapons.
  • l4freakindead for the London interview link.
  • ForbidAn for noticing typos and for the link for fire non-spreading.
  • marioemblem for the tip on the mud men video.
Please let me know if I've neglected to mention you!

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Originally Posted by Jigoku View Post
I stickied it because it was factual, neutral and well structured. No other reason (=

On with the info!
Thanks for the sticky!
Originally Posted by jimihendrix820 View Post
2 Big questions for me. Anyone know if...

It's going to be DLC or would we have to buy a new game.


For those of us that own or rent left 4 dead servers, does this mean we have to get a new server?
It appears that you will have to buy a new game, but they are saying they may include the Left 4 Dead 1 content with the new CD. Also, this means that you will probably have to use new server files. If you rent a packaged server, the company may update it for you. If you just rent space and bandwidth, you will be able to choose what you do.
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Originally Posted by Elunah View Post
they are saying they may include the Left 4 Dead 1 content with the new CD.
Where is the source for this?
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Originally Posted by Rob7045713 View Post
Where is the source for this?
IGN Preview. Here's an excerpt:
On a similar note, Chet noted that they were discussing including the original four Left 4 Dead campaigns with Left 4 Dead 2. The thinking is that this would make things easier for consumers. After all, if you and your buddies are playing Left 4 Dead 2 and you all want to play a campaign from the original game, it's an incredibly annoying and disruptive hassle to have everyone quit Left 4 Dead 2 and start Left 4 Dead if you're on a PC, or swap out the Left 4 Dead 2 disc for the Left 4 Dead disc if you're on an Xbox 360. User feedback would probably help sway Valve, so make sure to let the company know what you think. And despite the fact that Left 4 Dead 2 is a reality, Chet said that the company isn't abandoning the first game and that it has plans to support it in the future with new updates, like four-versus-four matchmaking.
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Originally Posted by BeelzPeelz View Post
Excellent! Looks like L4D2 will do nothing but split the community and force server owners to rent an additional server! I think its great that they didn't just release this as an expansion! Can't wait for L4D3 next year! Who's with me?!

PS - Thanks for the informative post though.
It's possible that it won't split the community very much. They've expressed a lot of concern about this possibility, so I think they'll find every way possible to prevent that from happening. The two games are similar (which is probably why people are complaining), so they may be compatible in many ways. I think you should definitely listen to the podcast before passing judgment on the L4D team.
Originally Posted by The Grapist View Post
Why not just sell a huge patch instead of making people buy a whole new game? The Patch can be maybe 30 bucks. Its really a waste to make a whole new game. But it would be even better if they just made a patch to Left 4 Dead.

Its really a great idea for a next game, but I just don't agree for making a whole new game, and getting rid of the characters we love.
Listen to the podcast.
Originally Posted by Swizzler View Post
I don't mean to be spammish, but from this information here, it sounds like all these people who bought L4D1 were just beta testing it. if all the old maps are there, and your adding all this extra, fixing exploits and so on, aren't you just fixing the broken game you released? will there be a discount for those of us who played the $50 beta?
There may be a discount. We don't know yet. This has just been released, so there's no telling. Also remember that Valve is a very player-oriented producer. They read the forums and listen to our views, particularly when we aren't flaming mindlessly. I think that the motive for making it a new game was not to farm money. They had other driving forces. Once again, check out the podcast, please. It's very interesting.
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Originally Posted by Amun View Post
I hate southern "hick" stereotypes.

His voice acting is the most flatly delivered, just for reference.
I don't know if I'd say that he's a hick. Think more generic Southern sensibilities. And I believe you about Nick, but I think we may have to see more of the gameplay before we can judge about his voice acting. I definitely hope he'll have some good deliveries.
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Originally Posted by Arandie View Post
Lies, all of this is lies:
They have stated that they will continue to support and update Left 4 Dead. Also, community content will work with both games. Their policy doesn't seem in direct contradiction with the idea of having two games that are both updated simultaneously.
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id like to share that in addition to the glock, he is holding a sig sauer in his right hand. dont want to assume too much yet, but maybe there will be multiple choices for weapon types, instead of being forced to use the same weapons over and over again
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Originally Posted by Amun View Post
I hate southern "hick" stereotypes.
I have friends and family who live in the southeastern US. The stories I hear from them continually amaze me by displaying just how accurate many of those stereotypes are.

On topic, Elunah thank you for actually creating a factual neutral thread. The compilation of information is very useful and the departure from the tantrums that are spamming the rest of the forums is refreshing.

Originally Posted by slayer20 View Post
I think they made the game look a little too cartoony...
I don't see this personally. What I do see are more highly saturated colors that are visible due to the brighter environments and lack of blue/gray fog and haze. Combine that with the fact that it almost feels unnatural to see zombies in the daylight and the impact of the L4D2 footage (from the environments to the models) seems more silly than serious. Honestly I see this as a lighting issue. I don't think the models or the structure of the maps seem cartoony at all, I think it's the unusual lighting choices that A) radically change the look of the game and B) cast a mood over the setting that is counter-intuitive. The result may feel cartoony, but really it's just depicting zombies in a different light... so to speak.
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Originally Posted by MinRose View Post
Neutral implies that something either applies no spin in wording or that it equally presents both viewpoints.

This is not neutral.
The OP does not apply spin, positive or negative, in the initial posting. He expresses his desire to keep a well compiled list of known facts and proceeds to do so. That right there fulfills the first of the two possible requirements you set forth. And because the initial post doesn't present EITHER viewpoint (pro L4D2 or con) it exempts itself from your second requirement.

This thread deserves to be stickied for its straightforward and factual information. Thank you again for your effort, Elunah.
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you didnt mention vs
so here it is from me ^^
All 5 campaigns VS compatible.

quicky question. Is the charger a new big boss infected like the tank, or is it as common as a smoker or boomer? (like in vs will people be able to play as it often or a one in a while like the tank)
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talking about all these new special infected in versus. WIll the infected team have more slots then ? Or can you become the charger like you become the tank ? And are all other specials just alternatives to the hunter and the smoker or boomer ?
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