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Oh cos do the insecurity pounce.

Anyway. Back to testing.
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Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
Can't give rep. Must spread it around first.
I lol'd hard. Now my co-workers are looking at me weird.
|3@V3 !T. !M @ 1337 R3P Y0!
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Originally Posted by Boff View Post
I'm from the old school of forums, when grammar, punctuation, literacy wasn't that important, and neither was having an active sex life or even knowing any of the female of the species (such rare beasts they were in those times) - and so I often find it almost taboo for a young lady such as Blinxx, attractive or not to post a picture of themselves because of the the uproar.
I don't really see your point though with the matter at hand. Maybe I'm stressing the issue too much. I'm a shameless feminist, so there's a little bias there.
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Originally Posted by mimaz98 View Post
Maybe I'm stressing the issue too much.
Yes, you are.
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sorry just thought I needed explaining.

(not that I can attend as usual)
But back to Portal2 podcast has that been and gone, or is that this coming weekend?

there is an interesting thread in the portal1 forum (to bypass provoking portal2 fan-boy-into-flaming)


Talking about how portal2 let down in-part the portal1 legacy, by explaining too much, being a little too easy, being more, when it should have stayed small, etc etc. Have a read through.

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Thread temporarily closed at OP's request.

Having issues? Check Steam Support website. My Steam Community profile.
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Originally Posted by EDJE View Post
|3@V3 !T. !M @ 1337 R3P Y0!
That was fun to decode
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Ah, good! The thread is back up!
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So AC3 has been revealed as GI's last of 5 game announcements.

Hopes have been shattered. Kind of.

Well, at least the game's going to take place in my hometown..
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Why was the thread locked?
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CoDKiller, I assumed.
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I'm going to have this permanently closed. There are far too many leniencies in this thread with regards to what is posted. The three of us would like to see it reduced. It's getting too long anyway. I think a fresh start would be nice.
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You guys should create a forum on your site. I'd hit-- join it.
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