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Gmod won't start up?

Hey, I installed Gmod on my laptop today, and no matter what I try, it simply won't work.

I installed Half-Life 2, then installed Gmod. When I open Gmod, it opens a window and shows the default background (Gman with the cone on his head), without any sort of verification that it's loading (like the normal "Loading..." box that steam has), stays open for about 10 seconds, then closes without any pop-up or error.

I've installed no custom add-ons or anything, bought everything legitimately, and Gmod will not work. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling, and it still doesn't work. Any ideas?
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Run HL2 first.
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Originally Posted by Salith View Post
Run HL2 first.
Ran HL2, works fine, ran Gmod after closing HL2, still doesn't work.
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Garrys Mod

Hello all,
The same exact thing is happening to me today. I bought garrys mod from Steam and when I try to start the game the exact same thing happens like you described, no error messages either. 2 days have gone by and nobody has replied to your post except for 1 person, where is the support for us when we need it, we can not call anyone at Valve to see what is going on Can a Moderator please help us out here. Thank you
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I got the same problem. I tried starting every valve game I have and I reinstalled the local content for Garry's Mod but Garry Mod's still does not run. I read that reinstalling steam would fix it, but I'm not going to reinstall all 32 of my games just for one. Could someone please help???
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That's a post more then a year old you opened up.

So if you have the exact same issue you have no troubles running HL2 and you are running the game from a notebook.

If so try running Gmod in Windowed mode, or with a lower resolution like 800x600? On how to do this go check this Steam support page :

If this is not the case then we need more info.
Did Gmod work before? Or did you never got it to work? What do you see when you start Gmod, like does the screen go black or something else happens? What are your system specs and what OS are you using?
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