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Paying with Mobile Phone

Few days ago, I had this idea: why not Steam / Valve allowing us, users, to buy games using our mobile phones with the money in our phone cards?

Imagine that someone desires to buy a game like Braid, for example, but don't own a credit card, don't trust in e-commerce [sharing credit / debit card information, etc.], or simple can't ask anyone to buy stuff on-line, but he owns a cell phone. Instead of using a credit card, he would use the money in his mobile phone card, to buy the game. This would be the scenario: he owns a mobile phone card with twenty euros, and decides to buy a game like Braid, for example. He navigates through the store, like everybody else, choose Braid, add to the cart, and on the payment methods there would be an option like: pay with cell phone, or similar. Now, this would be the risky part. A user couldn't just put his mobile phone number to finish the bought, because that would be too easy for someone damage other people life, like: «I don't like that dude, I'll make him buy thousands of games and he will loose all the money in his mobile phone card, because I simply just need to insert his number!» Steam would have to built a system like: buy the game, insert the phone number, receive a message with a code / link / something to allow the business, and if everything went ok, the money would be immediately discounted in the mobile phone card, and the game present in your Steam account [this would not be a system like: use your phone to pay the game with a browser and insert Visa codes like you do in a computer or something! This is payment method that would use only the money in the mobile phone card and nothing more].

With a system like this, there is no necessity of sharing credit card numbers; no bank accounts; nada, excepting a mobile phone card and money on it. We all know systems like these in some vending machines; mobile phone services; others, and they work great, since that if there's no money in the card, things simply don't happen.

Now, a system like this one, would represent a cost to Valve / Steam in sending SMS's to users, but that can be solved with some publicity: if the mobile phone of the user who buys a game in Steam, supports animated messages / MMS, a little add before reading the «real message» can be add, and by that way, Valve / Steam can generate money to pay the service. Other possibility would be to allow game companies to promote their games in Steam, trough MMS to Steam users who use the cell phone payment method at least one time in their «Steam users history».

Just an idea. Don't know your feedback about it, maybe some agree, the majority will not, I really don't know, just an idea. Don't know if I made myself express in the right way, too. Pardon me for my English, also.

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Would the phone companies even allow that money to be used for anything BUT the phone?
I kinda doubt they would.
You are talking about the $25 & $50 cards that put time on your phone right?
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I'm against this, because it could be exploited: children could *sneak* and take the house phone and purchase a lot of cheap games, then ruin the finance for their parents, *friends* could pull "pranks" and borrow your phone to buy games, or people who are willing to pay via phone would forget about other taxes that might apply when calling in another country.

So... no, thx.
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Sure they would, LOD. We see that every time. I'm not the kind of a person who downloads ringtones, wallpapers, etc. to my cell phone, but the system is the same: as you download, the money is taken automatically from your cell phone card. Now, you said something very important. One thing is buying a indie game with a cost at maximum 15 euros, other is buying a game like COD that cost 50. How many people have 60 euros / dollars in their cell phone? Not many, I presume. But 20 euros / dollars I bet that many have, and with that money, some users can buy some games. Valve / Steam would have to think in allowing this payment method to all the games or games only with a certain max cost.
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This would mean Valve / Steam would need agreements with all the major cellphone companies to transfer the funds from your cellphone company to Steam, which means a lot of hassle and complications, since if you read the fine print for your cellphone, the money you added is not refundable.
E-commerce is much safer than physically using your card, as your card might get cloned and it can take a while to notice it. Sure, you could get scammed with e-commerce, but that is only if you're fool enough to not pay attention. As for not having a credit card, PayPal works great even with a debit card.
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I have also had this idea, and i just wonder why tha f they don't have that feature yet? I mean really! Other games (like a certain browser based medieval mmorpg we all know) uses this feature! Valve would have made great money!
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www.ijji.com use this system for sell gcoins by http://www.paymo.com/ and http://www.onebip.com with this system Valve will get a part of the market that does not have credit cards or other countries who can not pay in dollars, if a great idea and easy for everyone.
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They're just too lazy to do it..
But yea, it's a great idea.

PS: Resurrect ftw.
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Yea I agree with this idea. Perhaps similar system as Facebook's, where user could buy credits/wallet funds via mobile phones.

Not everybody have credit cards in this 3rd world country where I live, including me.
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If this becomes real, dont put it with a call, cause kids will pay with house phones, make it sms pay so people should send sms to pay, like some people do...
Edit] Btw i forgot to tell you guys, im croatian and there is almost no chance for croatians to buy with credit cards, almost all people from the city in which i live (osijek) does not have credit cards

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