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Trine Ultra High settings

On the internets I found a comment to Trine game and it was something about Ultra High settings for Trine. Sadly I don't know German.
Jungs, ich war schon wieder fleissig:

Ultra high Mod für Trine (Demo)
UH_all_V2 Trine.zip Download File
AF bis 16 auswählbar
AA bis 64x - effektiv scheint aber nur 32x zu funktionieren
zusätzliche Renderoptionen aktiviert - vor allem Reflektionen und Lichteffekte
zusätzliche Auflösungen eingefügt - für unsere Downsampler :biggrin:
Physx-Einstellungen hochgesetzt - ich hoffe eure Systeme spielen mit (e2180@3,2Ghz keine Probleme)
Trümmer und "Leichen" bleiben länger liegen
und und und
- Entpackte Ordnerstruktur ins Programmverzeichnis kopieren
- im Unterverzeichnis Config die options.txt löschen
- Optionen im Launcher neu einstellen

PS: Nach dem ersten Aufruf das Spiel wieder verlassen.
im Unterverzeichnis config die options.txt öffnen
folgenden Eintrag suchen: sound_speaker_type
folgende Optionen sind möglich:
macht in dolby gleich nochmehr Spaß
Gruß Carsten
Anyone can translate this?
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Guys, I was already busy:

Ultra high Mod for Trine (Demo)
UH_all_V2 Trine.zip Download File
AF to 16 selectablly
AA to 64x - but actually seems to work only 32x
additional rendering options - especially reflections and light effects
inserted additional resolutions - for our Down Sampler: biggrin:
PhysX settings set high - and I hope to play with your systems (e2180 @ 3,2 GHz no problems)
Rubble and corpses "are staying longer
and so
- Unzipped folder structure into the program directory
- In the Config subdirectory options.txt Delete
- Options in the launcher again

PS: After the first call to leave the game.
in the subdirectory config options.txt the open
Search the following entry: sound_speaker_type
following options are possible:
dolby makes in the same even more fun
Gruß Carsten
Translated with http://translate.google.com/
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Has anyone tested this?

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It says demo. So it probably won't work with the full version.
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Doesn't the game look good enough already with everything set to high? I can't imagine it looking any better than it already is.
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What this does is that it simply replaces the options.txt file in the config directory, and uses some hand-edited values in it. Some of the changes really do make a difference (PhysX model particle max amount for example) but most are quite meaningless... The sound stuff may or may not work, it's worth a try if you have a capable sound system but we can't guarantee anything.

I'm not sure how high AA and AF really go (there's a limit in the code) but you're going to need a pretty powerful computer (GPU) to go past the defaults...

The settings will work in the full game too. You could probably copy the options.txt from the demo and use it with the full game as well, there shouldn't be many differences.

So if you think your computer can handle "ultra high" settings then these could be worth a shot, just don't expect a huge difference.

// Joel, Frozenbyte team, developers of Trine, Trine 2, Shadowgrounds & SG Survivor - Follow us on Twitter
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I have a GTX 280, Trine is beautiful, but I always want the best! Will test it later.
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