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Question Controller

Is it possible to use controller?
Can I edit the config to make it supported?
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I'm interested too if it's possible to edit the controller mapping. Because my camera Axis are interchanged.
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I just used xpadder, managed to complete the game with no problems
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This is a pretty old thread, but I wanted to share my own info on this subject just in case anyone else out there is wondering. I recently discovered purely by accident that, though no indication of this is given on the store page or anywhere within the game itself, the 360 gamepad is indeed supported by this game.

The controls are analog sticks to control movement and camera, triggers to zoom in and out, A to jump and left shoulder button to cling to surfaces and control objects.

I have no idea if this was there all along or something they patched in without bothering to mention it to anyone, but there it is.

Hope this info is useful to someone.

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