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Lightbulb Steam Store ... Question/Suggestion

I have been looking though Steam Store to buy an FPS game. There are many categories i can choose a game from, but when i click on Action games or Adventure game there are tons of different types of games. such as RPG, RTS, FPS, minigames, and Indie. I guess my Question/Suggestion is, when is an FPS Category going to be an option to on Steams Store to search for a game? Is Valve/Steam ever going to an an FPS search Option? If not I think there should be.

I want to put up a poll but i do not see the option to do so, so what does the member of Steam Community think ?
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Agreed. Action or Adventure isn't descriptive enough. An FPS option would be great.
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I never realized the store lacks that search genre. It would only make sense to have one.

I support this suggestion.
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