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Windows 7 upgrade question.

I currently have Vista Home Premium and I want to do the upgrade to Windows 7. Can I do a fresh install of Windows 7 from the upgrade, or do I have to install over my windows Vista hard drive. Also, can I use it on a new computer, and use Vista on my old computer?
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What you are asking is a bit confusing. You wish to install a fresh copy of Windows 7, how ever you still don't want to overwrite your main windows partition? If you are talking about an upgrade from Vista to W7, I'm not sure. I believe (if I am not mistaken) that Windows 7 isn't "fully" released yet, thus I don't know if upgrades are available. If there is, it should give you the option when you attempt to install windows 7 within Vista.

As for your other question. I don't see why not. You would install W7 on a Separate PC.
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I think the question is:

Can a dual-boot be done despite the fact that it's an upgrade package instead of a standard install package?
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Originally Posted by DarkWasp View Post
I think the question is:

Can a dual-boot be done despite the fact that it's an upgrade package instead of a standard install package?
That's easily done. Clone the partition, upgrade one copy to 7, keep using Vista on the other.

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He is asking if he can use a windows 7 upgrade cd to do a fresh install, like we were able to with Vista.
He currently has Vista installed.
He also asked if he cannot do the fresh install, can he upgrade from Vista to Win7 using the upgrade cd.

No idea how you can miss that.
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T Rush
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yeah...I think the questions are:

if you are running Vista Home Premium, can you buy Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade for $120 or use the Windows 7 'Tech Guarantee' upgrade coupon that came with your copy of Vista(if it was just bought recently) and:

1) do a clean install...formatting the drive and only installing Win7 without reinstalling Vista first and then upgrading it to Win7 ?


2) after the main computer is running the Upgrade copy of Windows 7, could you then install the old Vista copy onto another computer ?

on the first question, I know with an Upgrade license I have for Windows XP, I could start a clean format/install with the XP disk, and then it would ask me to insert my older Windows 98SE CD that I was upgrading from to verify that I did own a previous copy of Windows so that I was eligible for the 'upgrade' option
..it seems this is not how it will work with Windows 7 (I'm not sure how this worked with Vista), and you will have to have an installed, running, and activated copy of Vista or XP to use Win7 "Upgrade" which then you could format and do the clean "custom" install(doing a format with the Win7 installer) or the "upgrade" to keep your files/apps in-place..... also if you are changing from a 32-bit to a 64-bit, or you are running older XP, or you are changing from {Vista Prem or Basic to Win7 Pro} or {Vista Ultimate to Win7 Prem or Pro} you will have to do a 'fresh' clean format "Custom Install" http://mossblog.allthingsd.com/files...rade-chart.png and actually can not do a normal(keep your files and apps installed) "In-Place Upgrade" ..also note that chart says you can not do an Upgrade from older OS'(like 98SE or 2000pro) at all, and need to buy the Full License
..the thing I wonder about is: if you have to first be running an activated install of Vista or XP to start the Win7 installer, what if you are running an old 32-bit OS(as would most people with XP, and many with Vista) can you even run the 64-bit Windows 7 "Upgrade" or "Full" installer at all?, as so far I've found that the 64-bit installers of Vista and Win7 will not run in a 32-bit 'environment', so are people with 32-bit OS' just totally screwed if they want to "Upgrade" to 64-bit Win7 ?

on the second one, I'm just going to assume they don't want you to do that, but I don't know if there is something in effect that would stop you, and that they do tie the old Vista license to the new Win7 Upgrade forever and that they never could be separated
..likely reusing your old copy of Windows that you upgrade from would be illegal, and a subject that is not addressed often because of that

I guess this is the closest I can find to answering your questions

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