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Unhappy I can't remember my password and my email is wrong.

I've been trying to get on my Steam froze today and signed me out and my password wasn't there so I had to find my sheet through it doesn't have my password so I had to use the email address so I go through that on the login and it says it sent a message to my email through when I check my email and I figure out that the email address is .com when it should be .net and the only way to change it is if I know my password and to do that I either need my email or get Steam Support to give me a password reset and if it goes to the wrong email I can't do it through I have both my Receipt for the Orange Box and the code through its been over 12 hours and still nothing.
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Contact Steam Support.

Contacting VALVe Billing and Support

Note: support accounts are different from your Steam account, you do not and should not use the same username/email/password for the support account.
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I just went through something like this. My brother forgot his Steam password and the email account that he used to register on Steam, had been shut down for years, so Steam Support couldn't just send me the forgotten password. I had to prove that I wasn't BS'ing them.

Steam Support will help. It might take a day or two for them to respond though.

btw, you'll probably need a camera or scanner.

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