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Hitman; Codename 47 Steam issue?

Hey everyone,
Since I have Win 7 Ultimate x64 RC7100, I did the OpenGL renderer fix to the Hitman.dll file

However, now when I run the file from steam, it opens up and crashes back to the desktop saying "Failed to find Steam"

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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Mine just crashes D:
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Damn mine was doing that and I fixed it somehow. All I have to do now is remember what I did.

FWY I'm running the Hitman.exe file in Vista SP2 compatability mode. It takes a good minute or more for the game to actually start playing after you click on it to launch. It might seem like it's doing nothing but it is. If it ain't running by 5 minutes though something else is going on.

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Run Steam and leave it running, but do not run Hitman from the Steam menu. Have it in your systray. Then go to your C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\hitman codename 47 directory, or just c:\program files\Steam\etc.......if you dont have a 64 bit system, and right click the hitman.exe file, choose properties, choose compatibility, choose run as administrator if you have the option, then check the boxes for win98/winme and disable visual themes, disable desktop composition. The game ran fine for me. You will see the option after clicking your desktop shortcut for running it in OPENGL. This works. I then edited my hitman.ini file, where I added my custom resolution for my monitor at 1920X1200. At the end of the file, add the word window, with no quotes. Save your changes. The game runs beautiful.
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My game keeps crashing when


I plant the bomb in the "Say Hello to my Little Friend" mission. I go to blow up the place and the game always crashes. The game just won't let me ever beat that level. =( And I can't install the service pack 1a patch.
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I am having this same issue now. At first, shortly after I installed the game, it actually did work (only I had other problems getting it to run, 16-bit color related) but after making the widescreen resolution tweaks to the hitman.ini the game now always gives me a "Failed to find Steam" error. Nuking and reinstalling the game from scratch doesn't even fix it. Other games work fine.

Searching Google doesn't bring up many hits for this, and the few forum threads that I find don't contain any fixes.

EDIT: Alright, I got it fixed.

Basically, just make sure to select the "create desktop shortcut" during installation of the game. Then use that to launch the game, don't use Hitman.exe or Steam. This is what I failed to do the first time, resulting in the error. Now the game runs fine.

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I did create desktop shortcut upon installation of the game. The weird thing is that the shortcut doesn't actually launch hitman, it just launches steam, which is another reason why I can't figure out how to run it in another compatability mode.

Perhaps I'll....reinstall the game and try the shortcut thing again just for safe keeping. But I'm willing to bet it won't work.
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Well, I forgot how I even got past it, but I'll try that method of the desktop icon.
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anyone know a fix? tried the above, no luck. running on win 7 64 bit. i'm so close to throw this **** into the garbage, i have so many problems with games on win 7. xp is still better.
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Dr. Bloodmoney
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Originally Posted by egokillar View Post
anyone know a fix? tried the above, no luck. running on win 7 64 bit. i'm so close to throw this **** into the garbage, i have so many problems with games on win 7. xp is still better.
Well I don't know your exact problem as you didn't specify but here's what worked for me, had no real game breaking problems and finished the game. The only real odd thing is Steam only lists that I have only played the game for 1 total minute even though I played for much longer.

But anyway 1. Set compatiblity options by finding the Hitman.exe in your Steam/Steamapps/common/hitman codename47 folder now set the following: Windows 95 or 98(try either or), now click the boxes for : Run in 640 x 480 resolution(don't worry it wont force the game to run at that res.), disable visual themes, disable scaling, and so on. Basiclly just click everything but run in 256 colors.

2. Now enter your Graphics card's options/ Graphic proprites and enable Vsync(if you don't have that option try to see if there is a new driver update) also if you are running the game on a laptop you must set your power options to balance or power saver modes, set this in the graphics options if you have a intergrated graphics solution and the driver gives you this option, if not then try it from Windows control panel.

3. Run Hitman codename 47 config and set it to a open gl render.

4. Launch Hitman CN 47 via your Steam client

If all else fails toy around with the options in steps 1 and 2and see what will work for you.
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if someone else is looking for a solution, try changing the hitman.ini file to this:

Originally Posted by hitman.ini
Include Setup\Locale.zip
Resolution 1920x1080
//DrawDll Render3DFX.dll
DrawDll renderd3d.dll
//DrawDll RenderOpenGL.dll
SoundDll Sound.dll
ScriptDll GSC.dll
LocaleDLL Locale.dll
ColorDepth 32
Anisotropy 2
ShadowDetail 2
TextureResolution 0
It's located at
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Hitman Codename 47
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