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A way to install multiple games

Currently to install a game you choose the game, click through a few screens then it does the readying files thing which take a while and you can move on, each time takes longer then the previous for some reason. I would like to be able to choose several games and click install, have it show all of the terms of services for each and then sequentially ready each game and do all that so i dont have to stay there and watch.
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Copy Steamapps folder then paste it back after you reinstalled Steam.

Delete the winui.gcf file though because it causes problems if you copy it from an older Steam version.

Well this is if you have already downloaded all the games.
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From here we know that :

Originally Posted by Koraboros View Post
Steam already has the means to do so.

Simply buy more than one game at once and press install game at the receipt screen:

But there is no manual way to do it.
I too would like to be able to install multiple games at once manually. Would you (steam/valve) be kind enough to allow this?

PS : I know of the functionality which allows to backup then restore games from a steamapp folder, but I think it would also be nice to be allowed to install multiple games at once.

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Perhaps a good solution is to allow users to install all their favourite games at once. This way it avoids downloading loads of useless data for games you will never play but still gives you a choice to download more than one game at a time.

All you'd have to do is add all the games you wanted to your faves and click the button.
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This is something I'd like a LOT! Since my PC isn't very good, and I have to reinstall Windows like every 2-3 months, I'd like this feature to download the games at once, instead of clicking and waiting...
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Few things.

1: Putting up multiple downloads almost cripple your download speed.
2: Windows itself doesn't like when two or more programs install at once. Even uninstalling programs can only be done one at time.

So I don't really see the need to start several downloads at once. Some people have suggested a Que system and it's the only thing I think that would be useful for people who want to download lots of games at once.

You could download one at time at full speed.

If you have to reinstall Windows every 2-3 months you only really need to backup those game files. Like the entire SteamApps folder. Then copy that into Steam folder after a re install.

Or you really need to do something about your PC as I doubt you need to format it that often.

Information on VAC and our Steam forum rules. Please follow the rules, it ain't hard.
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Since no one actually provides this information and just makes excuses about cripple bandwidth.

The only way i've found out how to do it is by copying the link from the page once you've bought multiple games.



change the numbers to the appid's of the games
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I installed 10 games before at once it is quite easy to do. Just go through the beginning process of setting up the game in your library then go on to the next game until all of the downloads are started.

Love doing these kind of experiments! Never tried it on Direct2Drive or any other online gaming service though yet. That reminds me to try. Thanks.
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they should make a tool that scans what games you have on your account, processes that into an URL (steam://install etc) and proceeds to install ALL your games at once.
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Interesting thread. I also found it to be extremely annoying to install several games with the unbypassable "Preparing" window. Having an UI for installing multiple games at once would help.
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The problem when installing more than one game is the hard drive's seek time:

If there's a download active while Steam writes a new cache file, the drive has to jump around between the two files, so the write rate drops to around a 10th in some cases.

If Steam would pause all downloads while writing cache files, the problem with the install dialog taking ages would most likely go away.
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I made this little diddly that utilizes the steam://subscriptioninstall/ method.


I didn't feel like fetching hundreds of app ids manually.

It queries steam calculator to get the app ids.

However, Steam doesn't seem to like it. It just stays at loading forever.
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steamsubscription was deprecated awhile ago.

Your best bet is to use that script to get all the appids of your games which you have already done. Then use the usual 'install' call.

Or you can use the 'verify' call as well. Then cascade them one at a time.
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You can also view you licenses (and choose what install).
Start Steam with console (-console) and type in console "licenses_print3" (Sorted by date), or "licenses_print" (unsorted?)
Like "License Really Big Sky Retail (12383)" - steam://subscriptioninstall/12383 etc...
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