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Steam Group Invite Without add / friend list

First of all, the first to Greet you. I tried to find the search option to answer my question, but I just found nothing, also I tried www.google.com. Please, do not be angry at me, you may ask this question the hundredth time, but I managed to find an answer

The following table is interested in me.
Does it possible to send invite someone to join your steam group (public group) if it is not in your steam friends list?

For example:
I join the group

After that, I click on
"View current status of all 1124 members"

Selects all of them, and send the invite to join my group.

Or if there is an option as, for example, "Steam Group Auto Invite, or a Script"

Forgive me if this was already somewhere, but I really I could not find anywhere else.
I am very appreciative of any help.
All the best from Serbia.

ps. If I set the topic in the wrong part of the forum, I would have asked the moderators to get him into the appropriate part of the same
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The search function is disabled, so no worries really.

Unless there is something I am missing though, the only other way to invite people is to view their community page and invite them through that. As for scripts for mass invites, no idea, and not sure why you would want to exactly.

So far though the only options seem to be invite through friends list, or visit community profile page for each member and invite them that way.
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I sure hope that never happens. And you post is annoying with all those colors to say the least.
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It seems that there is no other way to send a
massive invite a certain group of people not in my list of friends, or steam group. One of the following options:
Exhaust steam admin group to put notice, or maybe something like the news to the community, and if people look, they probably will join the group ...or maybe it's still early, perhaps await to see if anybody else has some advice. I will not even start to add Administrators to the list of friends, do not want to be reported as a spammer

OK, let little to fix the previous post

First, I am not a child, and that only for myself I want my group of fans, and them in 1000 in the same group, it is a sponsorship that our (my) team need to sign, do you really think that I care about the group for me?
And if you really think this would be disrespected? I found this group is totally irrelevant, but now when I have the chance to get a sponsor, of course, that I will not easily drop out of the hands. I do not want to add people from other states, I just want to send invite players from my country. All night opening topic on gaming forums and local people to ask themselves, without any invitation only go to the link and join the group. I currently have a success. So I just wanted to give me some advice, because you have more experience with it. I'm nice in the beginning of this topic written to apologize, and I do not want anyone to needlessly spam this topic.

The point of all this is.


if you can not, feel free to squeeze backspace on your keyboard.

All the best

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